Cirno Bay

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Cirno Bay
Cirno Bay.png
Cirno Bay as seen on January 17, 2022
Flag of Cirno Bay.svg
Flag of Cirno Bay
Deputy MayorHarborRandom852
City recognition
Date foundedMay 20, 2021
Date recognized as CouncillorJune 26, 2021
Date recognized as MayorSeptember 9, 2021
Town hall coordinates-25415, -14968
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 8
Post code(s) CB8 
MRT A63  Cirno Bay - Kompaku Terminal
Local transitCirno Bay Metro
No. of buildings48 (as of December 7, 2022)
Landmark(s)(9) Ball

Cirno Bay, also known as (9)city[a][b] is a Mayor-ranked town in Ward 8 located in the West Zeta region.


In lore, the modern Cirno Bay has existed since the early 1900s. However, the settlements that make up Cirno Bay has existed since the pre-industrial times, with Yukimura being the most important pre-industrial settlement.

After the modern Cirno Bay was formed, it grew massively thanks to the policies enacted by Shigeru Tsujitani, the first mayor of modern Cirno Bay. During the 20th century, Cirno Bay went through a "golden era" where it underwent massive expansion to the west and south.


Cirno Bay was founded in May 20, 2021, after chimata got accepted for Member on their 4th application.

It first appeared on the Dynmap on May 22, 2021.

The first franchise in Cirno Bay, Wuster's Burgers was built inside Cirno Bay Terminal on June 15, 2021.

In June 26, 2021, the town was promoted to Councillor, with 2 endorsements from Needn_NL and Missa_Solemnis.

Between August 13 and August 14, 2021, DM elections between HarborRandom852 and LegendOfYukari were held. At around 1:00 UTC in August 14, 2021, Harbor won the DM position with 7 votes compared to Yukari's 3 votes. Before that, the mayor wanted to choose between Harbor and Yukari and was stuck between those two, hence the DM elections. Harbor pledged to give Cirno Bay a heli connection if he won the election and Yukari pledged that he will "let the mayor freeze as many frogs in New Gensokyo". It also included mi_aquamarine who wanted the DM position, which the mayor didn't consider.

In September 9, 2021[c], Cirno Bay was promoted to Mayor with 2 endorsements from AP_Red and sesese9. In order to obtain Mayor just in time for September 9th, chimata rushed to build a lot of buildings in a short time span.

In January 22, 2022, Cirno Bay received its first outside connection, with Paklong Hibernal serving between Yatsuhashi Tsukumo Heliport and Miu Wan Tseng Tsz Leng International Airport.

In January 27, 2023, Cirno Bay received MRT, when jay_planner built Arctic Line through this town and 2 other towns along the line.

Currently, Cirno Bay is working towards Senator rank, which will introduce additional connections to the town.


Cirno Bay is located in Zeta and Ward 8 and is approximately 29.4km away from Central City. It is located on the south-eastern shores of Misty Lake (Lake 5) on a tundra. To the northeast of the town is icebergs, also known as Cirnoian Icebergs or Misty Lake Icebergs to locals. The city is built around an harbor, called the Cirno Bay Harbor. There are 2 major rivers in Cirno Bay, which are known as Yatsuhashi River and Diagonal River. Yatsuhashi River goes across the western Cirno Bay, serving as the border between Kita and Nishi Wards. Diagonal River snakes through the southern reaches of Cirno Bay, contary to its name, serving the border between Nishi and Higashi Wards.

Wards and districts

Cirno Bay has 5 wards which are further split into many districts.

Chuuou Ward

Chuuou Ward (Chinese: 中央区 Zhōngyāng qū, Japanese: 中央区 Chūō-ku) is the first district built, serving as the downtown in Cirno Bay.

The district has numerous skyscrapers in the district, with the tallest building in Cirno Bay, FreonTech Headquraters being located here. It has the Cirno Bay Terminal, a bilevel railway terminal that connects directly to Chuuou Ward. It also has a canal that separates Chuuou Ward from rest of the wards.

Kita Ward

Kita Ward (Chinese: 北区 Běi qū, Japanese: 北区 Kita-ku) is consists of the north-western parts of Cirno Bay, which includes Kawashiro, Tsukumo, Kompaku, Marina and Byakko Districts.

Kawashiro District

Kawashiro District is located in the northern parts of Kita Ward. Formerly, it used to be a big industrial area and was the home of Kawashiro Industries. However, due to urbanization of the surrounding areas and decline of the industry sector in Cirno Bay, Kawashiro Industries left the city and relocated to another city. This left behind many abandoned industrial buildings and after many years, it underwent gentrification and the former Kawashiro HQ and its buildings were turned into luxury residences. Currently, it is home to the CASCU Warprail Museum, which used to be the Kawashiro Industries railcar factory and headquarters. The museum showcases the history of warprail, how it affected MRT and the current situation.

Tsukumo District

Tsukumo District is the area located south of Kawashiro District, north of Yatsuhashi River and east of Kawashiro Road. It is home to Yatsuhashi Tsukumo Heliport, which is the only connection to the outside world.

Kompaku District

Kompaku District is the mostly transit-focused district, bordered by Kawashiro Road to the east, Yatsuhashi River to the south and west and Northern Boulevard to the north. It has the Kompaku Terminal, originally built when the first railroads converged into the city and then rebuilt many times in the modern times, including the addition of an underground level.



Cirno Bay has a extensive road network, with Cirno Bay Grid covering most of the town's road network. Main Street is one of the main thoroughfares of Cirno Bay and serves as the northern border of Cirno Bay Grid.

Cirno Bay Grid

The Cirno Bay Grid is a extensive grid of roads that crosses most of Higashi, Minami and Nishi Wards. In the Cirno Bay Grid, east-west streets are numbered avenues, increasing south from Main Street. Odd avenues carry westbound traffic while even avenues carry eastbound traffic, and north-south streets are named after Touhou characters, arranged in a specific way.


Cirno Bay has a metro, called Cirno Bay Metro. It opened in June 1, 2021 and currently has 1 line and 2 stations. As of June 12, 2022, the Metro is closed for renovations.


Cirno Bay is planned to have rail connections, with Cirno Bay Terminal opening in May 27, 2021. It also plans to build a bigger terminal, called Kompaku Terminal, which will have 10 platforms split into 2 levels.


Cirno Bay has Yatsuhashi Tsukumo Heliport, which has Paklong Hibernal and Tengu Airways. Paklong Hibernal connects this town to Miu Wan and Tengu Airways connects this town to New Gensokyo, Larkspur and Chattanooga.


The list of builds in Cirno Bay can be found in this sheet.


  1. ^ Pronunciation: /tʃɪrˈnoʊ/ chirr-NOH, /tʃɪərˈnoʊ/ cheer-NOH
  2. ^ Chinese: 琪露诺湾 Qílùnuò wān, Japanese: チルノ湾 Chiruno wan
  3. ^ That date happens to be Cirno Day, as commonly observed by Touhou fandom. However, the promotion of the city happened on September 8 on West Coast.


If you look down on Chuuou Ward, you may sometimes see ice lakes below ground. This is a result of the mayor not being [Trustee] yet.

Despite using the Japanese wards and districts system, it uses the Western house numbering system.

There are an extensive amount of references to Touhou Project. This is not limited to its town name, it also influenced the street names, the geography around it and even the small details around the town.

Its motto is "The city of everlasting ice and snow". It was coined by the mayor just hours after founding.

This city could be possibly the "strongest city of MRT". Whether the claim has yet to be verified.