12 Days Of MRT Christmas

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12 Days Of MRT Christmas
Basic Information
Event Seasons 1 (2019 - 2019)
1st Prize Winners lil_shadow59
Number of Total Cities Used 12
Event Producers
Creator Wipeout111
Event Staff Wipeout111

The 12 Days Of MRT Christmas is an event hosted right before and during the holiday season and lasts 12 days as the name suggests. The event has been held for 1 year. Each day participants race to find a present box hidden in a city on the server.

Helpful Information

Below is information on where the event is held, how you can play, and more; (While the event is running)

How to Play

Every day, the clue can be found in Gillmont's Event center. While the event is running a warp from spawn is provided. Each day at 6:30 pm (EST), a clue is revealed that leads to a city on the server. Every 15 minutes another clue is released on Discord if needed. At the specified town, a present box will be found, inside are books. Once found, return a book to the event hall, rename it to your username with the provided anvil, and place it in the specified chest. The winner will be released on discord the next day. (The winner is the first player to submit the book on each day)

What Towns Are Being Used?

For the 12 Days of MRT Christmas 2019, only New World Cities and the Space world were used


For the 2019 Event

Participating In The Event: $5

First To Find The Present Each Day: $150

1st Place Overall: $1000

2nd Place Overall: $800

3rd Place Overall: $500

Table Of Winners


Day Town First To Find Present
1 Whitechapel Lil_shadow59
2 Gillmont Lil_shadow59
3 Arcadia Woorich999
4 Sunshine Coast OM3GA
5 Espil Woorich999
6 Evella Woorich999 & Lil_shadow59 (.5 Points Each)
7 GSM Town AlphaDS
8 Deadbush Lil_shadow59
9 Lapis Bay Woorich999
10 Utopia Lil_shadow59
11 Levittown MinecraftYoshi26
12 Southeast Corner of Space World MinecraftYoshi26

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