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150 Central Park

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150 Central Park
CEO/Founder Gopher
Additional Information
Number of Restaurants 26
Parent Company GopherCorp
Founded 06/14/2013


150 Central Park is a formal dining facility, based of a real restaurant in real life. It has an extensive menu consisting of everything from cookies to foie gras. As a matter of fact, it was the first thing Gopher built on the server when he became a member! Since the first 150 Central Park was built in the Greater West Spawn District it soon grew to a franchise that could be found in most towns of the MRT Server.


  • Standard - 34x35 building, seating, a bar, and a kitchen are all included - $35
  • Mall - Custom built, tailored for each space (typically built in a small space) - $20
  • Custom - Tailored for each location, quote provided - $35+
Custom Restaurant
Example Mall Restaurant


Old World Locations

City Name Nearest MRT
True City  R9  Silver Spring
Atlanta  G4  Hillville
Matlandia  Y11  Forestville
Spawn  B13  G14  Y15  R7  Spawn
Riverend  O8  Riverend
Mikeland  Y22  Silverhaven
Kitania  Y22  Silverhaven

New World Locations

City Name Nearest MRT
Liten  ZN19 
Huntington  C9 
Daneburg  C78 
Astoria  C48 
Konawa  C110 
Elecna Bay  I21 
Laclede  T13 
Tenepi  M17 
Accerton  C27 
Royal Ferry  I2 
New Covina
Liten  ZN19 
Coronado  C11 
Birchview  C1 
Newton Le Willows
Whitechapel  A11 
Christi  T10 
Wythern  C41 
Nippia  ZN20 
Whitely  ZS22 
Utopia  D14 
Bexley  D18 
Spruce Neck  A2 - ZN2 - T2