1X (BluRail line)

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(1X) Diagonal Express
RouteSE Zeta Corner to Erzville
Number of stations23
Line typeExpress
OpenedSeptember 13, 2017
CompletedMarch 11, 2024
Rolling stockBluTrain Gen 1.1.1
Frequencies (role-play)
PeakSelect trains continue to Rank Resort
Reverse PeakNo additional service
Weekdayevery 12 minutes
every 24 minutes (Larkspur - Rank Resort)
Mon - Thurs Eveningevery 20 minutes
every 40 minutes (Larkspur - Rank Resort)
Friday Eveningevery 20 minutes
every 40 minutes (Larkspur - Rank Resort)
Saturdayevery 20 minutes
every 40 minutes (Larkspur - Rank Resort)
Sundayevery 20 minutes
every 40 minutes (Larkspur - Rank Resort)
NightNo service

The 1X is a BluRail warp train line that runs from the southeast Zeta world border to Erzville Central in the north. It is accompanied by the 1 for most of its route.


The BluRail 1X was created as a faster alternative to local 1 service. It diverges in Richville and the Segville-Utopia areas to provide more connections to other BluRail lines.

An extension to The Southeast Corner from Sunshine Coast Máspalmas Terminal, as well as stations at LAR Airport and Norwest Edgware Road, opened on February 16, 2023.

Service to Kantō International Airport Terminal 2 was removed on March 16, 2023. Planned service to a large transfer station in Skogheim was scrapped on January 7, 2024.

A final extension to Erzville Central on the 1X opened in March 2024.


Stop ID Stop Name Transfers Notes
SEC The Southeast Corner BluRail1-01.png
PBY Peach Bay BluRail1-01.png
SSC Sunshine Coast Máspalmas Terminal BluRail1-01.png BluRail3-01.png BluRail3X-01.png BluRail12-01.png BluRail14-01.png BluRail14X-01.png
SSR Sunshine Coast Cacto Regional Airport BluRail1-01.png
MBC Mojangsburg Central BluRail1-01.png BluRail12-01.png BluRail23-01.png
KT1 Kantō International Airport Terminal 1 BluRail1-01.png
BRK Berkeley BluRail1-01.png BluRail23-01.png
RVA Richville International Airport BluRail7X-01.png BluRail23-01.png
TFC Tranquil Forest Central BluRail1-01.png BluRail2-01.png BluRail2X-01.png BluRail3-01.png BluRail3X-01.png BluRail7X-01.png BluRail8-01.png BluRail11-01.png BluRail12-01.png BluRail16-01.png BluRail20-01.png BluRail23-01.png
WTN Wythern BluRail1-01.png
SEG Segville International BluRail4-01.png Gap between train and platform
UIK Utopia - IKEA BluRail2X-01.png BluRail4-01.png BluRailGC-01.png BluRailOP-01.png
ITC Ilirea Transit Center BluRail1-01.png BluRail4-01.png BluRail5-01.png BluRailFC-01.png Front and rear doors obstructed; No button access
IXM Ilirea Midcity Airport BluRail1-01.png BluRail4-01.png BluRail5-01.png BluRailFC-01.png
SVY Spring Valley BluRail1-01.png BluRailOS-01.png
LSE Larkspur East BluRail1-01.png
LSE Larkspur East BluRail1-01.png
LAR Larkspur Lilyflower International Airport BluRail1-01.png
NER Norwest Edgware Road BluRail1-01.png
NGH New Gensokyo Hakurei Shrine BluRail1-01.png
NGY New Gensokyo Regional Airport BluRail1-01.png
RRC Rank Resort Central BluRail1-01.png BluRail2-01.png BluRail2X-01.png BluRail11-01.png
EVC Erzville Central BluRail1-01.png