1 (BluRail line)

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(1) Diagonal Local
RouteSE Zeta Corner to Rank Resort
Number of stations21
Line typeLocal
Rolling stockBluTrain Gen 1.1.1
Frequencies (role-play)
Peak14 additional trains
Reverse Peak6 additional trains (limited stops)
Weekdayevery 15 minutes
Mon - Thurs Eveningevery 20 minutes
Friday Eveningevery 20 minutes
Saturdayevery 20 minutes
Sundayevery 20 minutes
Nightevery 30 minutes
every 60 minutes (Larkspur - Rank Resort)

The 1 is a BluRail warp train line that runs from Sunshine Coast Máspalmas Terminal in the southeast to Larkspur in the northwest. It is accompanied by the 1X for most of its route.


The 1 was BluRail's first planned line. It was originally planned to run from Tranquil Forest to Vegeta, stopping at just 11 stations. Kenthurst was added as a planned stop on February 15, 2017. On February 16, 2017, an alternate route was added as a possible alignment, stopping at City of Evella and Xandar instead of Kenthurst. These plans were adopted the next day, and a shuttle from City of Evella to Kenthurst would operate instead. Plans to operate past Vegeta to the town of Silver Mountain were made on February 17. On February 23, plans for an alternate route that would have served Hathnes instead of Haibian were made. On March 3, these plans were canceled due to a dispute with the towns' mayors. On April 1, the 1X was created as an alternative to the 1, making limited stops at 6 stations. A planned stop at Glenbrook on the 1 was added the next day.

The first section of the 1 officially opened on April 18, with a train running between Storalisburg and Spring Valley. On May 2, another part of the line opened between Utopia and Glenbrook. There was no service between Glenbrook and Storalisburg at this time. Later in the month, the planned eastern terminus was moved from Tranquil Forest to Riseau.

In June 2023, the 1 had its stops at Kanto International Airport Terminal 2, South Kanto, and Central Kanto removed and replaced with the KS.


Stop ID Stop Name Transfers
SEC The Southeast Corner BluRail1X-01.png
MST Mostad
QIN Quinston
PBY Peach Bay BluRail1X-01.png
COM , (Comma)
SME South Mesa
STE Stevis
BCL Barcelona
SSC Sunshine Coast Máspalmas Terminal BluRail1X-01.png
SSR Sunshine Coast Cacto Regional Airport BluRail1X-01.png
SGW Singlwurst
MBW Mojangsburg West
MBC Mojangsburg Central BluRail1X-01.png
DSS Desertside
KT1 Kantō International Airport Terminal 1 BluRail1X-01.png
KTA Kantō Airfield
AMS Arbatskaya Moscow
BRK Berkeley BluRail1X-01.png
RIS Riseau
RCH Richville Central
TFC Tranquil Forest Central