2020 MRT FA Football League

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The MRT FA Football League returns for its 2nd season. It is organised by the MRT Football Association


This Season will be the 2nd season of the MRT FA Football League. It will be the first one to be called the 'MRT FA Football League' instead of just 'MRT Football League' as to differentiate and make the orginisation stand out.

The 2019 season did not take place due to uCars plugin being removed when the season usually takes place.

The season is planned to begin in May of 2020 and conclude before August 2020.



Due to the fact that the league hasn't taken place in two years, you all need a refresh. Read the rules here

Prize Money

The League Playoff participants and the League Cup winners will all recieve varying ammounts of money, with the rest of the teams planned to recieve participation monies


Please note: This lists the teams who have already signed up. Signing up to the competiton closes on the 26th of April 2020.

Team Representative Stadium Capacity
Cactus River SkyJumperTalon
Hendon City FC London150 Margate Road
North Rockham FC Aldranster50 The Edge
Sansvikk FC SansNotLuigi
Sudasia FC FiorkG07
Titsensaki City FC frogggggg

League Table

will be published once the entries closed


The top 4 of the league will proceed to the MRT FA Football League, which the winners will win the FA Cup. The Semi-finals will be 2-legged and the final will be a single leg held at a neutral stadium decided by the FA


  • 1st Leg: #4th vs #1st
  • 2nd Leg: #1st vs #4th
  • 1st Leg: #3rd vs #2nd
  • 2nd Leg: #2nd vs #3rd


The League Cup

The League Cup is brand new for 2020, and will involve all teams in a direct knockout competition. All games in The League Cup are two legs, except for the final which is a one-off match. The winners will recieve prize money.