6 Million $ Burger

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6 Million $ Burger
Information & Staff
Founder MeetMeInSpace
CEO QueenSmae
CFO None
COO None
CTO None
Founded Early 2015
Number of Stores 1
Headquarters Central City
1st Store Siletz

6 Million $ Burger is a fast-food franchise that was founded in August 2015 by BnL.

Our Motto:

Types of Stores

There are 3 types of stores available to buy for your town/city:

  • Kiosk ($2)
  • Mall Store/Storefront ($5)
  • Standalone Store ($7)
  • Custom ($10)
  • MegaStore ( In the works ) ($15)
  • Regional HQ (10 Stories) $25 PLANNED


Station Town Mayor
 I2  Royal Ferry Paddington Station,  ZS2  Royal Ferry Paddington Station,  F2  Royal Ferry Paddington Station Royal Ferry MIKE24DUDE
 XW18  Ilirea - Cascadia Union Station Ilirea Midcity Airport mikefishr
 C94  Downtown Storalisburg Storalisburg Vulpicula
 V13  Siletz Siletz MeetMeInSpace


Coming soon!


Coming soon!