8 (BluRail line)

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(8) Eastern Gamma
RouteTranquil Forest to Xiiona (daytime)
Freedon to Titsensaki (nights)
Number of stations19
Line typeLocal
Rolling stockBluTrain Gen 1
Frequencies (role-play)
Peak3 additional trains
Reverse PeakNo additional service
Weekdayevery 15 minutes
every 30 minutes (Tranquil Forest - Freedon)
Mon - Thurs Eveningevery 20 minutes
every 40 minutes (Tranquil Forest - Freedon)
Friday Eveningevery 20 minutes
every 40 minutes (Tranquil Forest - Freedon)
Saturdayevery 20 minutes
every 40 minutes (Tranquil Forest - Freedon)
Sundayevery 20 minutes
every 40 minutes (Tranquil Forest - Freedon)
Nightevery 30 minutes (Freedon - Titsensaki only)

The 8 is a BluRail warp train line that runs from Tranquil Forest in the southeast to Xiiona in the northeast.

An additional stop opened at Los Angeles-Farwater Union Station on February 26, 2023.


Stop ID Stop Name Transfers
TFC Tranquil Forest Central BluRail1-01.png BluRail1X-01.png BluRail2-01.png BluRail2X-01.png BluRail3-01.png BluRail3X-01.png BluRail7X-01.png BluRail11-01.png BluRail12-01.png BluRail16-01.png BluRail20-01.png BluRail23-01.png
ROY Royal Plaza BluRail1-01.png BluRail3-01.png
SRX Saint Roux BluRail3-01.png BluRail3X-01.png
IZU Izumo BluRail3-01.png
FRD Freedon BluRail3-01.png BluRail3X-01.png BluRailNF-01.png BluRailSF-01.png
NFD North Freedon BluRailNF-01.png
NBG Northberg
ACT Accerton
AIR Airchester Central
SBC Sesby Central
SBM Sesby MRT Warptrain Museum
LAF Los Angeles-Farwater Union Station
VMT Valemount
MTV Mountain View
NBC New Bakersville - Coney Island
NBU New Bakersville - Union BluRail11-01.png
NBA New Bakersville Airfield
TSN Titsensaki BluRail3-01.png BluRail11-01.png BluRailTS-01.png
XII Xiiona


Frequency between Tranquil Forest and Freedon is halved to allow 3 trains to share trackage and have peak service. Passengers transferring between the 3 and 8 have a timed transfer for all trips. Night service does not operate on the 8 from Titsensaki to Xiiona, as well as from Tranquil Forest to Freedon. Service is provided by BluRail 3 trains during that time.