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Highway A3.png
Planner Technological99
Constructor Technological99
Helpers Unknown
Number of Exits 8
Terminus West Highway A101.png
Terminus East  ATC-1 
Road Status Status: Service Good.png Open
This article is about the A-class highway. For the city located at the MRT station, see Ashmore.

A3 is an A-class highway that connects A1 to ATC-101 via Achowalogen Takachsin and Covina. B31 connects A3 to MRT Marina via Merchant City.


Status Exit number Destinations Road designation Notes
Dynmap Green Flag.png 0A Highway A101.png South
Central City
Highway A101.png

Western Terminus

Dynmap Green Flag.png 0B Highway A101.png North
BirchView, Quiris, Nippia, Antioch, New Acreadium
Highway A101.png

Western Terminus

Dynmap Green Flag.png 1  B14  Grayzen
Dynmap Green Flag.png 2 East Grayzen
Dynmap Green Flag.png 3 B31-shield.png Marina Highway
Merchant City, Ferrysign.pngMRT Marina
Dynmap Green Flag.png 4 Achowalogen Takachsin Hills No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png Covina Customs Checkpoint
Road merges to  ATC-1 


The official road sign for the A3.