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 A54  - South-East Highway
Planner Cortesi, SkyJumperTalon
Constructor Cortesi
Helpers SkyJumperTalon
Number of Exits 17
Terminus North Highway A4.png in Grisville
Terminus South Victoria
Road Status Status: Service Good.png Good service

The A54 is an A-Class Highway on the New World that connects the South/South-East Region (Murrville, Kanto, Cremona, Victoria, Southport, Aeolia) to Central City via Grisville. It is currently one of the longest A-roads on the server.

Road Exits
Exit 1
A4 - Grisville
connection to the  A4 . Towards Central City.
Exit 2
B38 - Draton
connection to the  B38 . Exit for Draton.
Exit 3
Exit for Hannibal.
Exit 4
Kanto North Service Area
Service Area
Exit 5
Exit for Kanto, Kanto Port, .
Exit 6
Cactus Creek
Exit for Cactus Creek.
Exit 7
A410 - Sunshine Coast
connection to the  A410 . Towards Sunshine Coast.
Exit 8
Cremona North
Exit for Cremona's North part of the city.
Exit 9
Cremona South
Exit for Cremona's South part of the city.
Exit 10
Murrville North Service Area
Service Area
Exit 11
Exit for Murrville
 Section connecting these 2 cities is Under Construction   Section connecting these 2 cities is Under Construction 
Exit 12
Exit for Cedric
Exit 13
Exit for Southport
Exit 14
Exit for Zuckerberg
Exit 15
Exit for Lichtenburg
Exit 16
Exit for Aeolia
Exit 17
Exit for Victoria