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Highway A746.png
Planners LithiumMirnuriX (Kolpino to "City and Federal Region of Janghwa (a.k.a. Janghwa City, JMC)", Phase 1)
Constructors LithiumMirnuriX (Janghwa FRC section, Phase 1)
Helpers none yet. recruiting helper!
Number of Exits 4 (planned, Phase 1)
Terminus North Kolpino (Indirect connection via A76-shield.png)
Terminus South TBA, but currently Janghwa FRC for Phase 1
Road Status Status: Service Indev.png Development In Progress (Kolpino to Janghwa FRC, Phase 1)
Status: Service Construction.png Under construction (in Janghwa city limit, Phase 1)


Status Exit number Destinations Road designation Notes
Indirect connect to A76-shield.png
Dynmap Pin.png 0 Kolpino South (planned) A76-shield.png Southbound only
Dynmap Pin.png (?) Foobar (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png 2 Avalon (planned)
Dynmap Construction.png 3 Janghwa - North Gyosang (under construction) Northbound only
to be announced, wish for connect to another A6-shield.png (W)

History and Trivia

Originaly, Phase 1 of  A746  is Part of former  A6  (Pre-2016). but  A6  is folded, Shrinked to Kolpino via  A76  due inactive. at result, can't connect Directly Kolpino and must Separate Road. Revival of Kolpino-Janghwa Section of A6 route is applicated as September 2017 GSM (but, Complatly revival to Motorway as Octerber 2017 GSM.)

if connect to another A6-shield.png, i has possible to renumber too.

And currently, this road construction is suspend again due missing permission… (I don't remember begin date…)

Future Goal
  • Solve a Direct connection in Kolpino
  • Extend to Birdhall and A6-shield.png if possible