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Highway A92 custom.png
Route Statistics
Route Name A92
Alternative Names Highway A92.png Larkspur Expressway
Length ~20,000 blocks
Direction West-East
Route Information
Exits >=16
Terminus 1 Highway B880.png -- Carnoustie
Terminus 2 Highway A101.png -- Nippia
Status Status: Service Construction.png Under construction
Planners Vickiposa, CaptainObi
Builders Vickiposa, CaptainObi, likely many other helpers and urban builders

A92 is a highway under construction running along the Northern Orbital between Carnoustie all the way to A1 under Nippia. It is to be a controlled-access tolled highway, directly serving the cities of Carnoustie, Larkspur, Snowtopic, and PMW City, with other links built to Kyoto, Spruce Hills, East Spruce and more. Its purpose is to connect cities in the far west to the contiguous highway system, and to make shortcuts slicing travel times between outer Ward 8, Ward 9, and Ward 1 by avoiding having to go through the central regions of the map. The highway was formally proposed for and approved at the March 2019 GSM.

Vickiposa announced her intentions to build the road on January 1st, 2019.

Exit List


Status Exit number Destinations Road designation Notes
Dynmap Green Flag.png X Interchange Exit No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png X Standard Exit No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png X Rest Area Exit No connections


Status Exit number Destinations Road designation Notes
Begins Concurrency with B880
Dynmap Green Flag.png 0 Carnoustie -- Main Street Highway B880.png NORTH

Western Terminus

Dynmap Green Flag.png 1 To Osaka Highway B880.png SOUTH
Ends Concurrency with B880
Dynmap Construction.png 6 Carnosaka Customs and Rest Area (under construction)
Dynmap Green Flag.png 36 To Willow  B892 

Eastbound ramps only

Dynmap Green Flag.png 41 Larkspur -- Prescott Avenue
Dynmap Green Flag.png 42 Larkspur -- Vaughan Avenue
Dynmap Green Flag.png 44 Larkspur -- Astoria Avenue Highway B846.png

To Cattington

Dynmap Green Flag.png 45 Larkspur Bypass
Dynmap Green Flag.png 46 Larkspur -- Anderson Avenue
Dynmap Green Flag.png 65 Highway A89.png Snowtopic, Konawa, Whitechapel Highway A89.png
Dynmap Pin.png 68B To Kyoto (planned)

A92 Roadway Open; Exit Incomplete

Dynmap Pin.png 75 B95-shield.png TO A95-shield.png Spruce Hills, Lanark, Laclede (planned) B95-shield.png

A92 Roadway Open; Exit Incomplete

Dynmap Pin.png 78 To East Spruce (planned)

A92 Roadway Open; Exit Incomplete

Dynmap Green Flag.png 80 PMW City -- PMWS 6
Dynmap Green Flag.png 82 PMW City -- PMWS 8 B96-shield.png

To Furling

Dynmap Green Flag.png 86 PMW City -- PMWS 1

Westbound ramps only

Dynmap Construction.png - B139 shield.png Quiris, Seoland (under construction) B139 shield.png

Est. Exit 100-105

Dynmap Construction.png -A Highway A101.png New Acreadium, Antioch, Nippia (under construction) Highway A101.png NORTH
Dynmap Construction.png -B Highway A101.png Liten, Quiris, BirchView, Central City (under construction) Highway A101.png SOUTH

Eastern Terminus