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A92 Exit 45.png
The A92 interchange in Larkspur for exit 45A
Highway A92 custom.png
The road sign for the A92
Route Statistics
Alternative Names Larkspur Expressway
Length ~20,000 blocks
Direction West-East
Route Information
Exits 17 (open)
5 (planned)
Terminus 1 B880 -- Carnoustie
Terminus 2 A1 -- Nippia
Planners Vickiposa
Builders Vickiposa (Furlong 6-100)
CaptainObi (Furlong 0-6)
Many other helpers and urban builders

The A92, also known as the Larkspur Expressway, is an A-class east-west highway running between the B880 on the south side of Carnoustie and the A1 in a tunnel under Nippia. It claims the title as the first contiguous highway in northwest Epsilon, when it was opened between Keriyowna and Willow in mid-2019.

The A92 closely follows the western MRT Northern Line throughout most of its path, closely bypassing many of the towns that were built along it. It is a controlled-access highway serving the cities of Carnoustie, Larkspur, Snowtopic, and PMW City. Its purpose when it was built was to connect cities in the far west to the contiguous highway system and to create shortcuts slicing travel times between outer Ward 8, Ward 9, and Ward 1 by avoiding having to go through the central regions of the map.

Vickiposa announced her intentions to build the road on January 1, 2019, and formally proposed for and approved at the March 2019 GSM. The entire alignment of the roadway was declared complete on January 2, 2020.


Western portion

The A92 begins with a concurrency with the B880 on the south edge of Carnoustie in Ward 8, connecting to Main Street near the Carnoustie Business Park. From here, it travels south above the MRT Northern Line and the MRT Western Line concurrently. It then curves east, where the B880 exits off towards Osaka.

The A92 then travels across the remainder of the Carnosaka Plains, hitting a small border checkpoint near Furlong 6. It resumes as a causeway over the Lakestdale Swamp towards the town of Lakestdale. Here, the A92 intersects the A84 at a trumpet interchange before going through the remainder of the town. From here, the road heads due east through a forest then crosses the northern edge of a mountain range west of Keriyowna. Upon crossing into the city limits of Keriyowna, and the northwestern tundra, the road enters Ward 9.

Upon leaving town, the A92 winds through the tundra, going near some frozen hills to the south. The road eventually ends up in Woodburn, cutting through the town before heading east towards Willow. It heads east through more icy tundra, going under a significant IntraRail viaduct before entering a tunnel to go under the town of Borealia, where it meets the A892 and B892 serving Willow as the road enters the Gamma region. The A92 then surfaces to travel along the north edge of Larkspur Lilyflower International Airport, entering the Premier city of Larkspur.

Central portion

The A92 has several exits connecting to Larkspur's streets on the north side of the city, including the B846 at Exit 44, to which the A92 has an experimental Single-Point Continuous-Flow interchange. There is also an interchange with the Larkspur Bypass, an offshoot of the A92. It then leaves Larkspur, going through the northeast end of the Northwest Gamma mega-taiga. There is a notable shortage in significant settlements through the taiga and tundra, as the A92 heads east-southeast before hitting the A89 near Snowtopic.

Eastern portion

From the interchange with the A89, the A92 heads due east. Going up and down many hills in the Snowy Taiga bypasses many towns such as Kyoto and Spruce Hills to the north. It enters the Republic of Miu Wan area after leaving the forest with an exit leading to Miu Wan's Tseung Hang and Cheung King Wards.

The road then enters the outskirts of PMW City and begins an unsigned concurrency with PMWS-11. Here it has a handful of notable exits, notable B96/PMWS-6, which serves the town of Furling. After crossing the PMWS-1 in north Welsbury, the road tunnels underneath the Quiris branch of the Hibernal Sea, entering Ward 1 halfway underneath.

The A92 remains a tunnel upon making landfall near the small community town of Monterey. The underground portions of the A92 intersect the B139 here before heading into Nippia. Underneath Western Nippia, the A92 terminates at the A1 at an underground T interchange.

Junction list


     Interchange exit
     Standard exit
     Rest area exit
Status Exit number Destinations Road designation Notes
Begins Concurrency with B880
Dynmap Green Flag.png 0A Carnoustie -- Main Street Highway B880.png NORTH

Western Terminus

Dynmap Green Flag.png 0B Carnoustie Bypass B881
Skogheim, Kaloro City
Dynmap Green Flag.png 1 To Osaka Highway B880.png SOUTH
Ends Concurrency with B880
Dynmap Green Flag.png 8  A84 
Aurora International Airport, Kaloro City
Dynmap Green Flag.png 10 Lakestdale -- Skyanni Springs
Dynmap Construction.png 11 To Skogheim, Mojang Town (under construction)  B825 

Lakestdale Bypass
A92 Roadway Open; Exit Incomplete

Dynmap Green Flag.png 18 To Keriyowna Keriyowna Highway (B992) Keriyowna Highway under construction
Dynmap Pin.png 30 Willow, Lanatam, Alvingdale (planned) B920-marker.png Alvingdale Highway under construction
Dynmap Green Flag.png 36  A892 
Willow, Frostbite, Winterville
Dynmap Green Flag.png 41 Larkspur -- Prescott Avenue
Dynmap Green Flag.png 42 Larkspur -- Vaughan Avenue
Dynmap Green Flag.png 44 Larkspur -- Astoria Avenue Highway B846.png

To Cattington

Dynmap Green Flag.png 45 Larkspur Bypass
Dynmap Green Flag.png 46 Larkspur -- Anderson Avenue
Dynmap Green Flag.png 65 Highway A89.png
Snowtopic, Konawa, Whitechapel
Highway A89.png
Dynmap Green Flag.png 70 Miu Wan-Tsuen Yi Ward, Cheung King Ward B988

To Miu Wan (C), Miu Rattler, Hytown, Tintong, Sut Lung Cheung

Dynmap Green Flag.png 80 PMW City -- PMWS 6
Dynmap Green Flag.png 82 PMW City -- PMWS 8 B96-shield.png

To Furling

Dynmap Green Flag.png 86 PMW City -- PMWS 1
Dynmap Construction.png 96 B139 shield.png
Quiris, Seoland (under construction)
B139 shield.png

A92 Roadway Open; Exit Incomplete

Dynmap Green Flag.png 100A Highway A101.png
New Acreadium, Antioch
Highway A101.png NORTH

Eastern Terminus

Dynmap Green Flag.png 100B Highway A101.png
Quiris, BirchView, Central City
Highway A101.png SOUTH

Eastern Terminus