ACCL MRT Division

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Servers Operated 5 (2 Are Defunct)
Companies Operated (on the MRT) 2 (stopoffcafe) (Generic Rectangular Buildings)
Created 2015 (MRT 2018)

The ACCL is a multiserver company, with companies also operating on the MRT. 2 companies operate on the MRT: stopoffcafe and Generic Rectangular Buildings


stopoffcafe started back in 2015 and has operated on all servers the ACCL has operated on.

Location No. City MRT Station Address Date Established
1 Eagleshore N/A N/A N/A [Demolished]
2 Rockham  V22  Foobar 1 Station Road March 2018
3 Hendon  NE5  Hendon City Hendon Football Ground Feburary 2018