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AEville is an independent country in the north of the new world. We are an upper middle income developing city with the aim to keep developing by expanding. There are many shops within AEville and one reason why AEville is as big as it is today, is peoples willingness to help.

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Town officials
Mayor AEhub
Deputy Mayor LimeYT
Founder AEhub
Town Councillors KittyCat11231
MRT  ZN18  AEville
Bus See AEville intercity busses
Roadways Friendship road to Liten, Quiris-AEville highway to Quiris via LiME
Other transit See AEville Métro, AEville local busses, AEville commuter rail
Facts and figures
Population Can't count sorry
Founded to early for me to remember
Town rank Mayor
Official language(s) English
World New


AEville Transport

AEville busses

AEville métro AEville metro currently being built by AEhub is a project that needs development. 4 lines are planned and only 1 is partly open for tourists.

AEville commuter rail (QuickConnect) AEville is planning to become a transport hub once it successfully joins SMP with surrounding towns. Quick connect currently has a service between AEville and Liten (Zephyr Exchange)