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The exterior look of an AFK box.
The interior look of an AFK box.

AFK Box (also known as AFK-box, afk box, or afk-box, formally called Away from Keyboard Box) is a boxing prank in Minecraft which an active user builds a box completely surrounding an inactive user who is considered to be away from keyboard, or AFK. The verb form to this is AFK Boxing (also known as AFK-boxing, afk boxing, or afk-boxing, formally called Away from Keyboard boxing), and refers to that of the action of making an AFK box. This activity is considered to be very popular on the MRT server.



AFK boxes can be diverse in many different ways, that of including rather simple and normal 3x3x4 ones, to that of sophisticated and colossal ones as well.

  • The Classic- A standard 3x3x4 AFK box. 4x4x5 also works.
  • The Transparent- A normal box but made with glass or stained glass panes.
  • The Museum Showcase- A transparent box but with a glowstone or sea lantern underneath the player.
  • The Village- A more recent variation. It involves one or more players building an entire village around another player who has gone AFK for a long time.
  • The Prison- A variety once used by KittyCat11231 in which the AFK box was designed as a prison, with the victim player in a cell. It was implied that the prison was underground and the victim player had to go up stairs to the surface, where it is revealed the entire thing is floating in mid-air.
  • [insert player name here]Box - An AFK box surrounded by the heads of a certain player, and usually blamed on him. Most commonly seen in Camelfantasy's ChiefBoxes, first introduced with TonyTajiri AFK boxing Camelfantasy and blaming it on Chief.
  • The Ice Box - Typically an AFK box made out of ice. This type is usually used on people below Trustee because they can't break the ice due to rank perms. However, this method isn't allowed anymore because people under Trustee are stuck inside and cannot get out. DO NOT USE! ONLY HERE FOR HISTORICAL PUPROSES
  • The Lala Box - Where everyone just goes mad places hundreds of lala clones all around the AFK player, this particular type also sometimes involves the placing of signs with completely random, unrelated messages on them. Sometimes players will also build a huge rig around the player and hang banners saying 'lala' around the player. In short players will basically get anything to do with lalaboy, and spam it around the player in a huge commotion of random.
  • Modern Peeping - Once used by CaptainChimpy. The victim was surrounded by cobblestone walls (the peep), with a quartz roof (the modern).
  • The ChiefBox - This can refer to: (a) an AFK box made with chiefbozx's head as seen in the definition above, (b) an AFK box around chiefbozx, or (c) an AFK box made by chiefbozx. This term usually refers to (b) or (c) while Chief is on break, and (a) while the academic term is in progress.
  • Irony Box - A player is boxed in some way, and a sign is placed inside stating "Courtesy of the Anti AFK-Boxing Committee".
  • '"Auto" Box - An AFK box with a modern design, often shaped like a house, made with large detail.
  • Welcome to Australia - Built by Aliksong or his affiliates. Giant Australian flag as the AFK box base, with the rest of the sides of the box made of glass. Large in size and difficult to build. First appeared in  XW10  Kenthurst.
  • Australia Day BBQ - A special AFK box built by Aliksong and affiliates around TrainPro on 26 January 2016 - Australia Day. Features a box in the shape of a grill, with flames roasting the unfortunate person inside. Multicoloured beacon beams reminiscent of disco lights are an optional feature, as is the lala heads.
  • Piston Box - Once used by Ardyan, this method usually involves building pistons around the victim and powering all pistons, effectively making him stuck.
  • Armadean Official Box - This box type is officially built by the municipality of Armada to protect AFK visitors in Armada from the other players building other types of AFK boxes. The box has a quartz outline with blue glasses for enhanced viewing of Armada's Skyline. There will be a torch, a chair and a chest containing official info from Municipality about why this box was built and how should they use the box. There is a trapdoor and a sign outside the box indicating the box is built by Armadean Municipality.
  • Smasher' - A box with moving roofs and ceilings that effectively "smash" its occupant, built by bryce_am.
  • AFK Trampoline A device involving a piston and slime block to make the AFKee repeatedly bounce in the air as if on a trampoline, mostly built by AP_Red
  • Transparent FernCow Box - A box with Ferns and Cows made specifically for VernCow by suppoe
  • Open Cow Dressing Box - A box that automatically dresses someone, made for VernCow by suppoe
  • The BTB Box - A box that first appeared boxing BTB. EliteNeon, the creator made the box a standard model for his AFK boxing company.
  • Insane Troll Box - A box that is really jokey, first made by Yellowitcher and soso123 for camelfantasy. Every box in this style have different styles. The one they made contains a "canal" around a cage. In the cage, there is a redstone contraption which drops gravel and cows down.
  • The Completely Random Box of Doom - A box which was first created by _alli on camelfantasy, who at the time was AFKing all the time. _alli got so irritated he spammed blocks around camel, this became a completely random box.
  • The Wall - Mainly used by Hightech_TR, this box, or rather part of a box, is as simple as a wall built right infront of the AFK player. It gives the illusion to the player that he/she is actually inside an AFK box.
  • Present Box - Just an AFK Box pretending to be a present. First used by soso123 on Yellowitcher.
  • Hidden Box-A box where a player is pushed into a location and covered up,first used by PresidentQwerty and dragonbloon419 on camelfantasy.
  • MRT Official AFK Box - Created by AP_Red, nobody knows what's that for.
  • SoaPBox - A 5x3x3 pink glass box with white glass stripes used by SoaPuffball with random things around it, like two armor stands with SoaPuffball's heads, a sign telling the pranked player to stop being AFK all the time, the pranked player getting a pumpkin or a dragon head on his face and his heads scattered around the box. First used against soso123 on Stoneedge. A variation was used by soso123 against SoaPuffball, who was in Stoneedge, afking while uploading pictures on the wiki.
  • Specimen Jar - A 3x3x4 box made of glass with upside-down quartz slabs at the base, on the front there is a sign that reads "Species:Homo Sapien Specimen #[Any number here]"
  • The Cleansing Box - A more modern and less cluttery variation of a SoaPBox used by SoaPuffball that encases the victim with the same pink-with-white-stripes glass box as the original. Water is flowing from the top, a sign by SoaPuffball on the outside (that says "Cleansing Box For: (victim's name) ) and another the way the victim is facing (that says random stuff). An armor stand with SoaPuffball's head is usually present, holding a shield and a sword. First used against I_90.
  • The Birch Box - A standard AFK Box used by CyAmethyst that is simply made out of Birch Wood Planks, one of CyAmethyst's favorite blocks. Other than that, it's the same as a normal AFK Box for the most part.
  • The Cottage box - Afk box in which a small cottage is built around the player. Used by JTrain77 on AyyLion The cottage consists of a single room with a bed, window's a door, and a small garden outside. Other amenities can be added.
  • The AFKoaster - A specialty of JTrain77, this afk box contains a roller coaster inside. Attempts to build this box are often unsuccessful, as they can take a while to build.
  • NewRail Box - A variation used by SoaPuffball against ModernArt (CEO of NewRail), which is a box shaped like a NewRail train's driver cab, with pink glass. It is no longer being done, but a sample exists in SoaPuffball's lab.
  • In plain sight - An AFK box that is made by pushing an AFK player into the side of a hill and then covering them with grass and dirt. It perfectly blends in with the landscape, making it so that this type of AFK box is barely noticeable besides the fact that you can see the player name tag. Originally used to AFK box Woorich999.
  • Minecart Box - This box involves showering the player in minecarts, then removing the block beneath the player, so when the player comes back he/she can only see minecarts.This can be partially used by a guest if the player in question is in a perfect spot (i.e below a track that ends and just drops). Originally used by Johngi while he was still a guest.
  • Kevtropolis Communism Box - This box was made by KevAKATheGr8 to box Conric005. It is a small box decorated with Kevtropolis flags along with hammer and sickle banners. This was not meant to promote Communism, as it was the only other banner he could find.
  • Gemstride House - An AFK Box that is most frequently sized 8x5 (excluding the roof) which is shaped like a small furnished house. This is SoaPuffball’s current design for AFK Boxes.

King of AFK Boxing

On the Old World, MinecraftYoshi26 was known for his wacky AFK boxes. He was known then for his AFK Boxes, which included a variety of builds. He has created the biggest AFK box on the server located in the games world, The Brick House.

In September 2015, CaptainChimpy once referred to a well-known user as the AFK Box King. He accepted the nickname.

On October 11 2015, Detroit_Kitteh AFK boxed CaptainChimpy 3 times in 6 hours while the two were working on the Accerton School of Music.

On the same day, a huge AFK Village was built around MC_Protocol. It was eventually w/e'd into _hnt's lab and is still being worked on, containing multiple buildings/franchises and even its own sky metro. It was, of course, blamed on Chief.

Ardyle has once boxed Frumple four times in a hour, breaking a new record.

Another King of AFK Boxing is Benie, who built a giant AFK Box around samyankeesfan20 after he stormed off in a rage after the Patriots at the last second defeated the New Orleans Saints in 2013. The Great AFK Box is still preserved in Crystal City. It is well known that the King of AFK Boxes is either Benie or MinecraftYoshi26, and not any newer members.

Johngi isn't exactly the most known afk boxer, but he has his moments. His usual strategy is to box one person, then make people come and see that person, then afk box them as they either go afk or start typing. He once got 3 consecutive fully built afk boxes this way, in less that 20 minutes, with some partial attempts in between.

Another major afk boxer is SoaPuffball, who has already gone through three incarnations of his box. His boxes are similar to his current build style and thus can’t really blame anyone for hix boxes. Common tactics in his boxes are sand dropping for underground traps, putting a pumpkin or enderdragon head in the victim’s head, and filling the victim’s inventory with a mundane item like dead buses or sponges. He also managed to box two people at the same time, and Frumple as well.


  • When you're doing fast AFK-Boxing, don't bother making it pretty, just do it. - Camelfantasy March 2, 2016
  • Get help, the more the merrier (refer to AFK Village). - Camelfantasy March 2, 2016
  • Go wild! Do anything you can and prank your victim as much as you can! - SoaPuffball
  • The AFK Wall is excellent for pranking an AFK player if you want to get there, build and leave. It’s pretty much a touch and go. - Hightech_TR January 7, 2018


An extraordinarily fancy AFK box built by Vulpicula.
The AFK Village so lovingly built by ~12 players around MC_Protocol.
The Classic AFK box built in Kenthurst around lalaboy, a moderator of the MRT server.
Double afk box of JamesGaming & MeetMeInSpace, feat Vulpicula.
Kenthurst Welcome to Australia 'The Museum Showcase' afk box on afk box of HanSangYoon, feat Due.
Modern Peeping AFK box on mikefishr, feat Chimpy.
Australia Day BBQ on TrainPro, feat multiple people.
Australia Day BBQ on TrainPro, feat multiple people.
Australia Day BBQ on TrainPro, feat multiple people.
Australia Day BBQ on TrainPro, feat multiple people.
Australia Day BBQ on TrainPro, feat multiple people.
Australia Day BBQ on TrainPro, feat multiple people.
Australia Day BBQ, feat multiple people.

Aussie Day BBQ AFK Box from Train's outer perspective.

Screenshot taken on:

26th January 2016 9.56.54pm ACT/AWST (UTC+8) - Perth

26th January 2016 10.41.54pm ACWST (UTC+8.45) - Eucla

26th January 2016 11.26.54pm ACST (UTC+9.30) - Darwin

26th January 2016 11.56.54pm AEST (UTC+10) - Brisbane

27th January 2016 12.26.54am ACDT (UTC+10.30) - Adelaide

27th January 2016 12.56.54am AEDT (UTC+11). - Sydney
Piston Box feat Camelfantasy.
Armada Municipal Box.
Smasher on KittyCat11231, feat bryce_am.
Cookie Jar AFK-Box
AFK Arena (Small Scale Model Of Grief Arena; While We Were Building The Real One)
The Extra Colourful Rainbow Transparent AFK Box built by TrainPro on KittyCat11231.

Screenshot taken on 25th November 2015 11.04.26pm ACT (UTC+8).
The Extra Bright Museum AFK Box built by TrainPro on BaronThamesBank.

Screenshot taken on 18th December 2015 10.42.43pm ACT (UTC+8).
The Transparent FernCow AFK Box containing a cow and some ferns built by suppoe on VernCow. TrainPro is a witness.

Screenshot taken on 12th June 2016 1.51.09am ACT (UTC+8).
The Open Cow Dressing AFK Box that dresses the afking person built by suppoe on VernCow. TrainPro is a witness.

Screenshot taken on 12th June 2016 1.56.04am ACT (UTC+8).
AFK Box done by EliteNeon and ByteMega.

Note: This version of the screenshot does not have the F1 Heads-up Display (HUD) enabled.

Screenshot taken on 28th June 2016 2.00.29am ACT (UTC+8).
AFK Box done by EliteNeon and ByteMega.

Note: This version of the screenshot has the F1 Heads-up Display (HUD) enabled.

Screenshot taken on 28th June 2016 2.01.34am ACT (UTC+8).
AFK Box done by EliteNeon and ByteMega.

This box was eventually 'Christened', acquired by 'Dabecco' and 'Shadowpoint' and declared as the first model.

Screenshot taken on
28th June 2016 2.04.23am ACT (UTC+8).
AFK Box done by EliteNeon and ByteMega.

This box was eventually declared as a national monument of the CSoS.

Screenshot taken on 28th June 2016 2.06.07am ACT (UTC+8).
AFK Box done by EliteNeon and ByteMega.

This box was also eventually declared as a national monument of the MRT and Ben Nation

Screenshot taken on
28th June 2016 2.06.50am ACT (UTC+8).
AFK Box done by EliteNeon and ByteMega.

ByteMega's heads are now floored under the box.

Screenshot taken on 28th June 2016 2.09.41am ACT (UTC+8).
AFK Box done by EliteNeon and ByteMega.

Zoomed in version of the previous screenshot.

Screenshot taken on 28th June 2016 2.09.57am ACT (UTC+8).
AFK Box done by EliteNeon and ByteMega.

This box was eventually blamed on both Chiefbozx and Frozen.

Screenshot taken on 28th June 2016 2.11.49am ACT (UTC+8).
Frumple Box made by Soso123. Diemundz and LithiumMirnuriX are the witnesses.

This box was located at  SV6  EP4  Ampha Junction's Platform B on the  Embassy Pachi Line  towards Lapras Ave-Wendel Bridge  NL4  EP1 .

Screenshot taken on 28th June 2016 2.11.49am ACT (UTC+8).
A pic of The Completely Random Box of Doom by allifarki on camelfantasy.
A demonstration of the AFK Wall on an armour stand.
A hidden box done on camelfantasy by PresidentQwerty and dragonbloon419 on january fourth,2017,at 16:37.
An official MRT AFK Box made for unknown reasons.
AP_Red trapping SoSo123 and Heaven in an official MRT AFK Box. Heaven is really angry as AP ruined his happy time sitting on a white chair with a redstone lantern.
SoaPuffball SoaPBoxing ModernArt, who got kicked due to inactivity, in Eastwood.
A Specimen Jar AFK box built by Awsomekeldeo around hvt2011.
The first time that SoSo123 have ever boxed two persons right next to each other, ft. shadowboarder in Spruce Plains Arena
An AFKoaster box built by JTrain77 around ByteMega (MegaMC).
The In Plain Sight enclosing Woorich999.
The AFK Wall built for Shadow_Lord45. The sign reads 'Relax, It's just a wall.'
An AFK Box surrounding camelfantasy outside Kanto International Airport. The lower part was made by Sirots, while the upper part (with the sheep) was made by mi_aquamarine
A Thicc Juice themed box surrounding Conric005 made by mi_aquamarine
An afk box surrounding Needn_NL made by lfpp003
The Present Box, built by JTrain77, ktkren777 and i____7d around PeacemakerX5 on Boxing Day (ba-dum-tss). Includes a musical tune and its own metro as well.
COVID-19 Quarantine Box, built by mi_aquamarine to box ModernArt in Shenghua on March 28, 2020.