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AcaciaAir is the airline owned and operated in its entirety by TheAllRounderMC.


(idk anymore) late Sep/early Oct??? - AcaciaAir is founded, occupying gates 25, 26, and 27 of Miu Wan Tseng Tsz Leng International Airport.

between early Oct - December 16 AcaciaAir patiently waits for such a long period of time for the Stratus planes leased from AirplaneNiner, as TAR focuses on other projects.

December 16 - TAR is fed up with the incompetence of Stratus in delivering the planes to him; therefore as a birthday present to frogggggg, TAR decides to buy Climax planes.

December 18 - AcaciaAir finally begins operations, launching its initial route, AC001, from MWT to PCE.

August 8, 2022 - AcaciaAir extends its operations to Port Sonder and Deadbush, increasing the number of flights they have to 7, and the number of destinations to 5.

Flight List

Flight Number Origin Destination Status Timetable
AC001 Miu Wan TTL Peacopolis On Time
AC002 Miu Wan TTL Deadbush International On Time
AC003 Port Sonder Itomori Air And Space On Time
AC004 Peacopolis Port Sonder On Time
AC005 Port Sonder Itomori On Time
AC006 Deadbush International Itomori On Time
AC007 Deadbush International Port Sonder On Time
AC008 Port Sonder Mountbatten International On Time
AC009 Mountbatten International Itomori Air and Space On Time
AC010 Mountbatten International San Francisco Midway On Time
AC011 San Francisco Midway Deadbush International On Time
AC012 San Francisco Midway San Dzobiak Delayed
AC013 San Dzobiak Itomori Air And Space Delayed
AC014 San Dzobiak Port Sonder Delayed