Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport

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Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport
ATC Map.png
Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport as seen from Dynmap in 2020
  • IATA: none
Airport typeInternational Airport, Heliport, Dragonport, Shipping Port, and Police Headquarters
OperatorBay Area Rapid Transit
ServesCovina and Achowalogen Takachsin
Hub forBART Airlines
BuiltBay Area Rapid Transit
In useBay Area Rapid Transit Police
OccupantsDerpy Air, BART Airlines, Kessler Dragon Flights, Element, City-State of Kitania, Moose Interests LTD., Member_Me Airlines, Vermilion Airways, Ilirea Airlines, SkyChromium, jetBlue, IntraAir, SkyTrans, Eastern Airways, Caelus, ikeda, Nexus Airlines
Direction Length Surface
ft m
18 R 2,359 719 Stone Slabs
18L 2,359 719 Stone Slabs
18 RC 2,359 719 Stone Slabs
18LC 2,359 719 Stone Slabs
Number Length Surface
ft m
H1 82 25 Stone
H2 82 25 Stone
H3 82 25 Stone
H4 82 25 Stone
H5 82 25 Stone
H6 82 25 Stone
Large Gates26
Small Gates7
Retail Spaces6
This data is accurate as of 1 September 2016

Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport (ATC) is an airport serving Achowalogen Takachsin and Covina, located at P8 on the MRT Plains Line. The airport took many months to construct and was built by _Kastle and was completed in the summer of 2016.

Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport is the largest airport on the server.



The plan to create an airport began underneath Alturas on the Old World. _Kastle was inspired by a terminal design he saw on YouTube, and decided to create his own version of it. Later, the Admods decided to appoint new curators to take care of the MRT International Airport and MRT Regional Airport. _Kastle applied for the MRT Regional Airport, and received it. He saw this as an opportunity to put the terminal he had created under Alturas to good use.


By this point, Gamma was released, which added many new worlds, including the Lab World. _Kastle decided to take advantage of this since airport restrictions only applied to the New World. Thus, he began the construction of the new airport on the Lab World. lalaboy, who would later paste in the finished airport, performed the very first world edit on the airport by pasting the terminal under Alturas into the Lab World. The original terminal was only two levels, and had the metro system directly on the top floor, as opposed to the current elevated metro. _Kastle, however, decided that this was not enough. He subsequently had lalaboy paste in three other terminals, as well as create the ellipsoid center via the generate command. This crashed the server. But, when the server rebooted, the center had been created. _Kastle examined the center of the airport, and thought it would be a good place to put a transit hub for the airport metro. He then contracted his own transit company to place four stations in the transit hub, one for each terminal.

After looking at the metro, he also decided that having the metro run on ground level obstructed pedestrian traffic. However, he faced a dilemma, as he did not want an elevated station that would look unappealing due to a large redstone area on the underside. This prompted him to create a new BART station that contained redstone that was so compact, it only took up one meter of vertical space. He then elevated the entire airport metro system within the terminals. yeamanator132, an aviation enthusiast, took a liking to the airport and began to offer suggestions. One of these suggestions was to add a third level for airport lounges, which _Kastle decided to incorporate into the design. The bottom floor was originally filled with retail spaces. In total, the airport had hundreds of these spaces. However, they were later removed because _Kastle saw filling these spaces as an unrealistic goal. The bottom floor would remain empty for quite some time. _Kastle decided to turn his attention to airport security. He placed two checkpoints at each entrance that include state-of-the-art X-Ray machines, as well as an express line for pre-screened travelers. With the interior of the airport nearing a usable state, _Kastle began work on the exterior. He first began creating gates that protruded from the terminals. This was to create a clear unobstructed walking path for travelers. The gates featured elevators to the executive lounges for easy boarding access. _Kastle then striped the tarmac and created runways. Originally, he planned on using a control tower based on a skyscraper in Alturas, but later abandoned this idea. He then constructed roads at the two entrances and peripheral buildings to serve the needs of the airport. These buildings included a shipping terminal, executive terminal, and fire station. With the airport nearing completion, _Kastle sent a proposal to the admods about his ambitious plans for MRT Regional Airport.

The airport was originally constructed as an attempt to redesign the MRT Regional Airport


Frumple, after seeing the proposal, decided to reject the plan on the grounds that the airport was simply too large to be a regional airport. For a period, _Kastle had given up all hope of ever being able to paste in the airport, which he had, at this point, dedicated over 100 hours to. Because of this, he began to formulate a new plan to paste in his airport.

Newer Covina

One day, a time after the proposal had been rejected, _Kastle decided to teleport to Tom_Pairs. He began to help Tom finish a road near a school. _Kastle saw a river near the road, and decided that he would build a park there because it looked like a good place for a park. This park began as a recreational area that offered archery, boating, soccer, and basketball. After this portion of the park had been constructed, _Kastle reached a valley. He had eaten breakfast at the Urth Café near Little Tokyo, a district of Downtown Los Angeles (not to be confused with the MRT city of Los Angeles) that morning, and, as a result, was feeling rather Japanese. This led him to construct a Zen Garden in the valley. At the end of the Zen Garden, _Kastle reached a ravine. He wanted to make a Japanese bridge over the ravine, so he searched "Minecraft Asian bridge" in google, and found a large wall-like structure. Before he knew it, he was working a wall that stretched all the way from the garden to neighboring Victorian City. This distressed MC_Protocol, due to the close proximity of the wall to the city. He and _Kastle subsequently agreed on borders for the area. Tom_Pairs then came back from his weekend camping trip, and he saw what _Kastle had done. _Kastle then asked Tom_Pairs if he could construct a town there. To the surprise of _Kastle, Tom_Pairs agreed.

_Kastle then began the process of moving all of his old buildings from his town of Covina on the Hummingbird Islands. He then constructed a large residential district, using many of the buildings he created on The Ultimate Renovation, hosted by MinecraftYoshi26. _Kastle then suddenly had a revelation. He realized that Achowalogen Takachsin was the largest town on the server, and that entering into an SMP with that town just might give him enough land to paste in his airport on the New World. Tom_Pairs agreed to this, again to the surprise of _Kastle. _Kastle then began to rank up his town, as well as purchase neighboring towns to increase the size of his city. This included Appleton, Victorian City, Vergil, and Baylon City (later Kastle City). He ranked his town up to mayor. He then applied for senator, and was at first rejected because his town "did not quite feel like a town." In response, _Kastle built a park along the wall he had constructed to connect empty spaces in the city. For some reason, the admods fell for this extremely clever trick and Covina reached senator status. Because of the SMP with the premier city Achowalogen Takachsin, Covina now had governor perks. _Kastle, filled with a renewed sense of determination, sent in a proposal to paste in his airport over what was then referred to as Appleton.

A new deal

The second proposal approved the airport to be pasted in phases.

Frumple had another conversation with _Kastle. He decided to allow the airport to be pasted in in two phases. While _Kastle was somewhat upset, he decided that pasting in a portion of it was better than not pasting it at all. He agreed to this plan and began preparations to paste in the airport.

Final constructions

MBS placed this screenshot on its Wiki page after the re-purposing of Appleton

For about two weeks after the February 2016 GSM, _Kastle began to clear out Appleton. He gave away free buildings to anyone who wanted them. Most of the buildings were taken by MinecraftYoshi26. _Kastle, however, faced the problem of finding a moderator willing to paste in a structure of such striking brilliance. After about three minutes of careful planning and intense deliberation, the Covina Military stormed into the transit hub in Appleton owned by lalaboy and took over the hub within seconds. _Kastle then threatened to give away the transit hub to someone like Dexter249 if lalaboy did not agree to paste in the airport. Begrudgingly, lalaboy agreed, and the Covina Military stood down. Later that week, after Appleton had been completely cleared, _Kastle had lalaboy completely re-purposed the land. Before _Kastle could remove the evidence, KittyCat11231 took a screenshot of the area for MBS.

_Kastle then set up points, and, employing the use of the shift command, lalaboy pasted in half of the airport. _Kastle decided to show his disappointment in only being able to paste in a portion of his airport by placing a large yellow and black checkered stained glass wall along the western edge of the airport. He then placed a large sign that read "THIS GLASS WALL IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE MRT STAFF." In response, MinecraftYoshi26 placed an asterisk after the phrase and a wooden sign that read "*The ones who voted to only let Kastle paste in 1/2 of his airport." _Kastle then began to fill gates, free of charge, at the airport. Making the gates free attracted numerous airlines to the airport. As of 16 April 2016, _Kastle managed to fill every gate at the airport. He also furnished much of the inside with sitting areas and sculptures, and added baggage claim and shopping areas to the previously empty bottom floor.


On August 20, 2016, the staff decided to allow the final construction of ATC. Within an hour of the GSM, _Kastle, with the help of Just_robinho and CortesiRaccoon, pasted in the remainder of the airport. In the following week, _Kastle made the final preparations to open the second phase, such as adding shops and terminal decorations. Within a week, the final phase began accepting gate requests.

Airlines and destinations

Airline Destination(s)
BART Airlines Whitechapel Sky Harbor, Akane - Ishuzu International Airport, Kitania Municipal Airport
BART Airlines operated by BARTiCopter Hummingbird Islands Regional Airport, Espil BART Police Station, Laclede BART Police Station, Segville BART Police Station, Utopia BART Police Station, Konawa BART Police Station
IntraAir MRT International Airport, MRT Regional Airport, Elecna Bay International Airport, Splurgeville Municipal Airport, Llamapolis - Eristheeagle Memorial Municipal Airport, Cyra Underwood Municipal Airport, Atlanta-Hillville Metropolitan Airport
Vermilion Airways Vermilion Gateway Airport, Epsilon International Airport
Ilirea Airlines Bloomington-Robin's Hill Airport, Marblelake International Airport, Ilirea Midcity Airport
Caelus Airlines Kenthurst Aerodrome, Saint Roux International Airport, Western Ocean International Airport
Caelus Airlines operated by Ikeda MRT International Airport
SkyChromium Birchview - Leydon International Airport
JetBlue Crystal City Municipal Airport
Nexus Airlines Whitechapel Sky Harbor
Eastern Airways Epsilon International Airport
FlyArctic Vegeta City Airfield
Heampstead Air Wazamawazi Zoeteman Regional Airport
Kessler Dragons Kessler
Moose Interests LTD. Whitechapel Sky Harbor
South Weast Airlines Harry S Truman International Airport


Gate Phase Airline IATA Destination Check-in Counter Baggage Claim
N1 1 BART Airlines WHT Whitechapel C5 B7
N2 2 AirLinQ BIO Amphitheatre C6 B8
N3 1 Vermilion Airways VER Vermilion C4 B7
N4 2 South Weast Airlines EEA Espil C18 B8
N5 1 Vermilion Airways EIA Airchester C4 B7
N6 2 South Weast Airlines LHT Laclede C18 B8
E1 1 Ilirea Airlines BRH Bloomington C15 B5
E2 1 Ilirea Airlines MLH Marblegate C15 B3
E3 1 Ilirea Airlines IXA Ilirea C15 B5
E4 1 SkyChromium BVL BirchView C19 B3
E5 1 Infamous Airlines FYI & ICE Fort Yaxier and Ice Springs C13 B5
E6 1 jetBlue CCX Crystal City C3 B3
E7 1 IntraAir EBI Elecna Bay C2 B5
E8 1 IntraAir EEA Espil C2 B3
E9 1 IntraAir MRI Prubourne C2 B5
E10 1 IntraAir MRR & VER Vermilion & Stanwood C2 B3
S1 1 Nexus Airlines WHT Whitechapel C20 B1
S2 2 BluAir LAR & FYI Larkspur & Fort Yaxier N/A B2
S3 1 Caelus Airlines KNT via SRX Kenthurst via St. Roux C17 B1
S4 2 SkyRaven FYI Fort Yaxier C17 B2
S5 1 Eastern Airways EIA Airchester C1 B1
S6 2 Eastern Airways EBI Elecna Bay C1 B2
W1 2 BART Airlines KNT Kenthurst C5 B4
W2 2 BART Airlines AFK Utopia C5 B6
W3 2 --- --- --- --- B4
W4 2 BART Airlines HZN Konawa & Lanark C5 B6
W5 2 --- --- --- --- B4
W6 2 BART Airlines KPC Kolpino C5 B6
W6 2 --- --- --- --- B4
W8 2 BART Airlines AFX Fairfax C5 B6
W9 2 BART Airlines SEG Segville C5 B4
W10 2 Caelus Airlines dba ikeda MRI Prubourne C17 B4
X0 1 BluAir VFW & TFA Venceslo & Tranquil Forest C24 Executive
X1 1 Heampstead Air WZA Wazamawazi C24 Executive
X2 1 FliHigh Airlines PremierConnect VFW
Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport
San Dzobiak International Airport
- Executive
X2.5 1 BART Airlines FDR Spruce Neck C22 Executive
X3 1 IntraAir SPL & LLM Splurgeville & Llamapolis C21 Executive
X3.3 1 BART Airlines TSN Titsensaki C22 Executive
X3.6 1 BART Airlines HND Creeperville C22 Executive
X4 1 Kessler Dragons KEX Kessler At Gate Executive
X5 1 IntraAir CYR Cyra C21 Executive
X6 1 IntraAir AHX & AIR Hillville & Alturas C21 Executive
X7 1 Moose Interests LTD. WHT Whitechapel C23 Executive
X8 1 FlyArctic VCA Vegeta C1 Executive
X9 1 BART Airlines SUA Siletz C5 Executive
IA 1 IntraAir WOI Arlington At Gate At Gate
H1 1 BARTiCopter HIR Huntington At Gate Heliport
H2 1 BARTiCopter ESP Espil At Gate Heliport
H3 1 BARTiCopter BLC Laclede At Gate Heliport
H4 1 BARTiCopter SEG Segville At Gate Heliport
H5 1 BARTiCopter UTP Utopia At Gate Heliport
H6 1 BARTiCopter WoK Konawa At Gate Heliport
H7 1 BARTiCopter CCH Central City At Gate Heliport
H8 1 BARTiCopter BEP Espil At Gate Heliport
H9 1 BARTiCopter --- --- At Gate Heliport
H10 1 BARTiCopter SEG Segville At Gate Heliport
H11 1 BARTiCopter UTP Utopia At Gate Heliport
H12 1 BARTiCopter WoK Konawa At Gate Heliport

Airport services


The airport metro system is operated by Bay Area Rapid Transit, or BART. The stations were custom made for the airport. The Metro features 8 total stations, including 1 per terminal and 4 in the transit hub. All tracks located in terminals are elevated to keep pathways free of obstructions. The hub for the metro system is located in the center of the airport on the bottom floor. It has easy access from the top level of the center of the airport via 4 staircases.

Status Code Station name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png ATCM1 Southern Terminal None
Dynmap Green Flag.png ATCM2 Southern Hub None
Dynmap Green Flag.png ATCM3 Western Hub None
Dynmap Green Flag.png ATCM4 Western Terminal None
Dynmap Green Flag.png ATCM5 Northern Hub None
Dynmap Green Flag.png ATCM6 Northern Terminal None
Dynmap Green Flag.png ATCM7 Eastern Hub None
Dynmap Green Flag.png ATCM8 Eastern Terminal  P8 

Fire station

The airport operates a fire station equipped with two airport fire trucks, four ambulances, and emergency medical equipment. The fire station is part of phase 2 and will be located on the northwestern side of the airport. The fire station is accessible via the main road in front of the northern terminal. An ATC ID badge is required for access. Firefighters and paramedics are on site 24/7.

Shipping terminal

ATC houses a shipping terminal, which is another phase 2 addition that will be located on the southwestern side of the airport. The shipping port contains five loading bays and will have space for two planes. Like all other gates, these will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Executive terminal

The airport offers an executive terminal for private and charter flights that are not large enough to warrant a gate in one of the main terminals. The executive terminal features private lounges, a private parking area, and a restaurant. The executive terminal has seven gates, all of which are currently filled.

Law enforcement

There are two law enforcement organizations that operate at the airport to provide security and assistance to passengers.

Covina Military Police

The Covina Military Police operates mostly near the security checkpoints and entrances of the airport. All officers are armed, and the force does include some K-9 officers. The main duty of the Covina Military Police at the airport is to provide a visible law enforcement presence to ensure safety and security. All Covina Military Police officers wear uniforms. They rely on standard-issue Covina Military motorcycles for transportation.

Bay Area Rapid Transit Police

The Bay Area Rapid Transit Police operates mainly on the tarmac of the airport. As a transit police agency, they ensure smooth operations of the airport. Additionally, they also police the BART operated airport metro system. The BART Police also has a SWAT division that is equipped to handle emergency situations such as an active shooter or a bomb threat. The BART Police livery, which is stored on the southeastern side of the airport, includes squad cars, interceptors, Hummers, unimogs, drones, and a jet plane. The BART Police employs both uniformed and plainclothes officers. They will pursue criminals beyond city limits of it becomes necessary.


A six gate heliport is located on the southeastern side of the airport near the runway. The heliport can accommodate helicopters of up to 27 blocks in width.