Acu Aqua

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Acu Aqua
CEO/Founder Gopher
Number of Ships in Use 1
Headquarters Liten
Parent Company Acu Logistics

Acu Aqua is the marine division of Acu Logistics. Acu Aqua is based out of the Key Seaport which is located between Liten and Nippia.


The Artremis is currently, the largest cargo ship in our fleet. It has three cranes aboard, to assist the unloading process of the cargo. The hull is currently empty, a future use could be storage of petrol. There are six crew cabins, and each is quite spacious. Located at the bow of the ship, there are two anchors and on antenna.


Hermes-Under Construction

The Hermes will be the second ship in our fleet at its completion. It will be significantly smaller than The Artemis so it can be used in smaller ports also. This ship does not have on-board cranes, as they take up space and make the ship larger.