Air Falloway

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Air Falloway
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Corporate Information
CEO thomasfyfe
Parent Company FyfeCorp
Facts and figures
Founded 19 September, 2016
Airline Information
Focus Cities Falloway
Alliance Not in an alliance

Air Falloway is an airline that plans to operate in and out of the City of Falloway. As it has no flights or hubs, it operates as a division of FyfeCorp and is therefore currently located at the FyfeCorp Regional HQ in Falloway.

Falloway Airport

Air Falloway, in co-operation with the City Government of Falloway and the Inchmuir Space Agency are currently discussing plans for Falloway Airport, to be located on Falloway's West Coast (image plan). The airport terminal will be owned and operated by Air Falloway, while the runway will be operated by Inchmuir Space Agency as part of Falloway Space Centre, a spaceport which will be integrated beside the airport.

Falloway Airport will consist of approximately four gates (to be determined) which will fly to strategic areas of the New World. Airports that connect to Falloway will have an advantageous link to the most advanced spaceport on the New World (once built).


With Falloway's application for Governor pending, Falloway Airport is one step closer to fruition. Destination airports will be selected for their high connectivity with other locations. Airport owners can register their interest in having an Air Falloway flight at their airport by leaving their name below.

Player Airport
Camelfantasy Union of Central Western Territories International Airport
Soleurs Horizon National Airport
Narnia17 Anthony Fokker Regional Airport
mine_man_ Elecna Bay International Airport


Air Falloway will use custom built aircraft to serve its air fleet. The "Classliner" was designed by thomasfyfe and BaronThamesBank and will be used for all Air Falloway commercial flights. The airline is looking into purchasing an additional aircraft, around the size of a Boeing 747-100, will be required to accommodate the transport of ISA Space Shuttles.