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Air Kirdé

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Air Kirdé is the official Airline by North Coast MPO and Connected transport. At the moment, it's preparing it's first route! Officially, this airline is on the name of User: Needn_NL but it is run by the earlier named MPO.


Long ago, in the ancient year of 2017 AD, the North Coast MPO was set up. It decided that to make sure the region was *Connected©*, the MPO should take (most of) the Regional and Serverwide transport in it's own hands. First, the idea of MPO rail was born, and soon MPO Air was in the air. Except, no one liked that name, and there isn't a high originality rate so Needn_NL and Frosty_Creeper went back to the drawing board, and after spitting through Google Translate for nice translations of North-East, Kirde was found in the Estonian translation. It sounded so good, it easily won from all other participants. The struggle was the pronounciation. Because, where the MPO members could easily call it the way it should be called, some foreigners (mainly americans) might not, and for them, they added the é accent, so people would know that it's Kier-day/eh/uh instead of something silly like Kerd.


Hubs: Creeperville International Airport