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Kaloro Air

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Kaloro Air

CODE Callsign
Founded 2017
Commenced operations 2017
Hubs Creeperville International Airport
Alliance Northern Alliance
Active flights 8
Destinations 6
Parent company Connected
Key people Needn_NL
Formerly AirKirdé

Kaloro Air is the official Airline by the Kalorean Union, Connected transport and one of the two flag carriers in the North Coast. At the moment, it's operating to the first destinations! Officially, this airline is on the name of Needn_NL.


Long ago, in the ancient year of 2017 AD, the North Coast MPO was set up. It decided that to make sure the region was *Connected©*, the MPO should take (most of) the Regional and Serverwide transport in it's own hands. First, the idea of MPO rail was born, and soon MPO Air was in the air. Except, no one liked that name, and there isn't a high originality rate so Needn_NL and Frosty_Creeper went back to the drawing board, and after spitting through Google Translate for nice translations of North-East, Kirde was found in the Estonian translation. It sounded so good, it easily won from all other participants. The struggle was the pronounciation. Because, where the MPO members could easily call it the way it should be called, some foreigners (mainly americans) might not, and for them, they added the é accent, so people would know that it's Kier-day/eh/uh instead of something silly like Kerd.

The airline stayed as AirKirdé for a few months until Frosty_Creeper10 brought up how it was unfair that AirKirdé got special status but not FlyCreeper. That’s why it was decided to make FlyCreeper a flag carrier in th North Coast too but also renaming AirKirdé to Kaloro Air so it would be fair.


Creeperville International Airport ; Creeperville Haneda Airport is the major airhub for people to go to and from Creeperville, Winterside, St Anna and Hendon City, as well as many other regional towns. It has 14 gates, spread out over two terminals. All Northern and Kaloro Air flights depart from Terminal 1, with Kaloro Air gates being gate 105-106.

Winterside Airfield; Winterside Airfield is the planned airfield for Winterside. Plans are work in progress, and as soon as we know more about it, we will post it here.

Kaloro City Airport; Kaloro City Airport is a planned airhub in Kaloro City. Plans are work in progress and as soon as we know more about it, we will post it here.



Flight | From - To | Remarks
AK100  | NWT - FYI | First Kaloro Air Flight!
AK000  |     -     |
AK000  |     -     |
AK000  |     -     |


Flight | From - To | Remarks
AK1000 | HND - MUR | First Operational Kaloro Air Flight!
AK1100 | HND - WMA | First Operational Kaloro Air Flight!
AK1200 | WMA - MUR | First Operational Kaloro Air Flight!
AK1300 | ACA - FYI | Operational
AK1400 |     -     | 
AK1500 | HND - SIA | Operational
AK1600 | HND - JDL | Operational
AK1700 | SIA - JDL | Operational
AK1800 |     -     |
AK1900 |     -     |
AK0000 |     -     |


This is the warplist for AirKirdé vehicles

Gate |    Airport    | Warp Name | Remarks
 3   | Murrville     | AK_MUR_01 | Flight AK1000 and AK1200
 ?   | C'Ville HND   | AK_HND_01 | Flight AK1000 and AK1100
 10  | Waterville    | AK_WTV_01 | Flight AK1100 and AK1200
 ?   | C'Ville HND   | AK_HND_02 | Flight AK1500 and AK1600
 ?   | Norwest Airf. | AK100NWT  | Flight AK100
 ?   | Fort Yaxier I.| AK100FYI  | Flight AK100
 ?   | N.A. Schiphol | AK_SIA_01 | Flight AK1500 and AK1700
 ?   | Utopia JDL    | AK_JDL_01 | Flight AK1600 and AK1700