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Information & Staff
CEO/Founder Aliksong
Vice President KittyCat11231
CFO Kottlewing
COO MinecraftYoshi26
CTO zaxbyschicken
Production Manager decorminecraft
Division Representatives Just_Robinho (East)
Founded 1 January 2015
Number of Stores 91
Headquarters New Commercial District,  XW10  Kenthurst
Production Facilities Ellesume, Kenthurst, Haibian, Kolpino
1st Store Easest
5th Store Birdhall
10th Store Thunderbird
20th Store Achowalogen Takachsin
30th Store West Calbar
40th Store Formosa
50th Store New Covina
60th Store Ezzo City
70th Store Snowtopic
80th Store Pine Mountain
90th Store MRT Land

AlikLolly is a franchise that was founded by Aliksong on New Year's Day 2015. He was unsure of what franchise he should make, and after seeing Rapid Coffee and Kalmar Fried Chicken in the Pumpkin Mall of Easest, Alik decided to create something different- a candy shop. JamesGaming suggested the name of AlikLolly, and the rest was history. Little did Alik know that it would grow to be a very popular franchise, featuring in most major cities and towns throughout the New World. Look out for the distinct black and white checkered design in many cities!

Motto: The lollies are better at AlikLolly.

There are 7 types of stores available to buy for your town/city at very reasonable prices!:

  • Small Store ($15)
  • Medium Store ($20)
  • Large Store ($25)
  • Long Store ($30)
  • Two Storey Store ($40)
  • Regional HQ (8 stories tall) ($75)
  • Custom (including Mall Store) ($30-$100)

As of 15 April 2015, AlikLolly has entered into a contract with RedGrocer, by hntredtie, and every RedGrocer will have a designated AlikLolly aisle in the confectionery section. How exciting!


Since its inception AlikLolly has proven to be a popular franchise, with 91 stores, including 14 eight storey Regional HQs open on the New World as of 1 February 2017. As of May 2017 this list is no longer updated. They are located at:

Station Town Mayor Comments
 XW10  Kenthurst Kenthurst Aliksong Headquarters, Regional HQ, Demonstration Facility, No.2 Factory, Custom Hotel Store
 EC15 - F26  Easest Easest JamesGaming 1 Medium Store, 1 Small Store
 C1 - ZN13  BirchView BirchView creeperface_ Mall Store
 A10  Rivera (Whitechapel-Radiance Square)  A11  Whitechapel—Waterfront Station  A12  Corrigan District (Whitechapel) Whitechapel _frozen 1 Regional HQ, 1 Medium Store
 XW2 - D2 - M2  Sealane RLcrafters Medium Store
 C14  North Haven North Haven samyankeesfan20 Medium Store
 M27  Birdhall Birdhall Robang592 Medium Store
 T8  Cornus Cornus unjinz 1 Regional HQ, 1 Medium Store
 F17  Thunderbird Thunderbird decorminecraft Medium Store
N/A (Southeast New World) Pearl Coast michealman Mall Store
 I27  Fort Yaxier Central Station Fort Yaxier Camelfantasy Medium Store
 F20 - C33  Freedon - Phos City District Phos City stringle55 Custom Metro Store
 C8  Foobar Newport-On-Tay Kiwish_thing Medium Store
 P8  Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport Appleton hntredtie 1 Regional HQ, 1 Medium Store
 C86  Foobar Vekta Ryumitch Mall Store
 P11  Foobar Baylon City Kottlewing Medium Store
 XE11  Achowalogen Takachsin  XE12  Achowalogen Takachsin Beach Resort Achowalogen Takachsin Tom_Pairs Medium Store
 I5 - F5  Oakley Euston Oakley cgc747 Medium Store
 T13  Laclede Laclede jphgolf4321 Regional HQ
 ZS30  Zaquar Zaquar Music3_0 Regional HQ
 C79  Foobar Waverly cal76 Medium Store
 XW15  Vermilion Vermilion chiefbozx Regional HQ
 T15  Tetrapolis Tetrapolis Kottlewing Custom Mall Store
 I21  Elecna Bay - Restraunt District Elecna Bay mine_man_ Regional HQ
 XW22  Mega Motion City Seaview JamesGaming Medium Store
 XW11  Kenthurst—Mississa Bay Mississa Bay Aliksong Medium Store
 A14  West Calbar West Calbar sesese9 Medium Store
 XW18  Ilirea - Cascadia Union Station Ilirea mikefishr Airport Mall Store, Large Store
 D14  Utopia Utopia Narnia17 Medium Store
 ZN20  Nippia Central  ZN21  Nippia North  ZN22  Foobar Nippia KittyCat11231 1 Regional HQ, 1 Custom Store
 V13  Siletz Siletz MeetMeInSpace Medium Store
 C69  Foobar Sixty Nein KittyCat11231 Custom Store
 XW5  Formosa- D5  Formosa- M5  Formosa Formosa camelfantasy Large Store
 C107  Armada- A26  Armada Armada ArdyArd Large Store
 ZN14  Heights City Heights City Toaro Mall Store
 C10  Pacific Grove Pacific Grove (Hummingbird Islands) MinecraftYoshi26 Custom Mall Store
 C2  Dandenong West Dandenong DuncanDoesMC Custom Mall Store
 T29  Kessler-Wazamawazi East Wazamawazi autobus22 Large Custom Store, Custom 2 Storey Store
 ZS3  Foobar Greenplain Heights j_universe0 Medium Store
 I10  Foobar Matheson Detroit_Kitteh Medium Store
 T32  Jeeka- C99  Jeeka Jeeka mustang_guy Medium Store
East of  P10  Victorian City New Covina Kastle Large Custom Mall Store
 F2  Royal Ferry Paddington Station- I2  Royal Ferry Paddington Station- ZS2  Royal Ferry Paddington Station Royal Ferry MIKE24Dude 1 Regional HQ, 1 Medium Store
 T10  Christi Christi mustang_guy Regional HQ
 ES20  Royal Plaza- P34  Royal Plaza Royal Plaza _AngelKevin_ Medium Store
 ZN10  Woodsdale Woodsdale Hightech_TR Large Store
 C80  Espil - Eisli Central Espil _InDev_ Medium Store
 ZN19  Liten Liten Gopher Regional HQ
 D20  Foobar Pyeongmun City _SkyBlaze Medium Store
 XW12  Al Markaziyah (Ezzo City) Ezzo City ezzocraft Large Store
 ZN18  AEville-South Liten AEville AEhub Medium Store
 M18  Kolpino Kolpino MishkaMan Regional HQ, Custom Store, No.4 Factory
 C39  Foobar Hathnes VernCow Large Store, Regional HQ
 C34  Izumo - Financial Izumo ModernArt Medium Store
 A2  Spruce Neck- ZN2  Spruce Neck- T2  Spruce Neck South Spruce Neck Derpy_Melon Large Store
 I21  Elecna Bay - Restraunt District Kitanian Elecna Bay KittyCat11231 Custom Small Tower Store
 M22  Janghwa City Janghwa City HanSangYoon Custom Medium Store
 D7  Danielston - Paisley Place Danielston mjpwwf Medium Store
 C44  Schusterlans Schusterlans MegaMC Large Store
 A32  Snowtopic Snowtopic Duechayapol Custom 2 Storey Store
 C3  Benion Union Benion Ben6331 Large Store
 ZN4  Mons Pratus Mons Pratus Skelezomperman Medium Store
 EN1  Ellesume Ellesume allifarki Medium Store
 M10  City of Evella City of Evella LDShadowLord Custom Store
N/A Freedon AdanWongCL2 Medium Store
 M7  Foobar Burnt Oak ModernArt Medium Store
 A15  Washingcube Washingcube nktrain Large Store
 F9  Dabecco - Franchise Boulevard- F10  Dabecco - Town Center/Financial District Dabecco Sirots Large Store
 C109  Konawa West- C110  Konawa Konawa Soleurs Custom Mall Store
 XE25  Foobar Los Angeles _Kastle Large Store
N/A Pine Mountain BuildPilot Custom Giant Store
N/A Stoneedge SoSo123 Medium Store
 XW23  Savacaci Savacaci SoaPuffball Medium Store
N/A MRT Land Server Custom Store
 X0  Central Park Central City Frumple Custom Mall Store


There are currently 4 AlikLolly factories on the New World. The factories have the role of refining and producing the high-quality candy which AlikLolly prides itself on. Only cities ranked Mayor and above may request a factory, and Alik will have the discretion as to whether to award the city with a factory or not. The cost of a factory is to be negotiated with Alik, and can range from $50 to $200. Factories are usually 4 storeys tall (Regular) or 6 storeys tall (Large), but other sizes are possible. The factories are located at:

Station Town Mayor Comments Size
 EN1  Ellesume Ellesume allifarki AlikLolly No.1 Factory Large
 XW10  Kenthurst Kenthurst Aliksong AlikLolly No.2 Factory Regular
 V24  Haibian Haibian cookiesareedible AlikLolly No.3 Factory Large
 M18  Kolpino Kolpino MishkaMan AlikLolly No.4 Factory Regular


The AlikLolly World Headquarters can be found in the New Commercial District of  XW10  Kenthurst, which overlooks the serene Kenthurst Lake.
On 25 March 2016, AlikLolly opened its Eastern Division Headquarters, which is located at  F27  Marblegate. This will allow the franchise to expand more easily in the New World.


We sell up to 12 varieties of lollies, each with their idiosyncratic tastes. Please note that not all varieties may be available in every store, due to limitations in the size of the store. Each flavour is shipped to Kenthurst Port, then transported to the AlikLolly Production and Storage Facility at the centre of Kenthurst. Extremely high quality control standards are employed to ensure the taste of our lollies are nothing short of delicious.

Flavour Price/100g Description
Applik $0.85 Derived from the luscious and sweet Pink Lady Apple, imported directly from the fields of Appleton.
Orangalik $0.95 Made with 69% fresh Spruce Mountain oranges, mixed with 5% Vermilion Saffron and 3% Cyan Mint from the City of Evella.
Bananalik $1.10 Banana essence extracted from the palm trees of Kenthurst Beach.
Pearalik $1.25 Made with refreshing Yoshi pears from the BirchView Orchard.
Bluealik $1.40 Blueberries hand-picked from the black forest (Schwarzwald) south of Kenthurst.
Blalikberry $1.50 Blackberries hand-picked from Camino Island, and dosed in healthy radiation from the nuclear power plant.
Grapalik $1.55 The historic Utopia Vineyard exclusively supplies its special variety of Narnia Grapes.
Bubblealik $1.60 Made with 69% Recycled Bubblegum, perfectly healthy to eat, tediously scraped from the footpaths of Zaquar.
Peachalik $1.70 Crafted from Cherry Blossom Peaches which are snap frozen and transported from Siletz to Kenthurst.
Chocalik $1.80 Cocoa Beans extracted from the gardens of the North-Western Estates of Kenthurst mixed with creamy dairy milk.
Vanillalik $1.95 Made with Vanilla Beans dried and imported from Nippia, and shipped via the Seneca Canal.
Aliquorice $2.05 A delicious and smooth liquorice flavour reminiscent of the Ilirea night.
Mandaralik Priceless A local flavour only served in Wazamawazi stores. The unique flavour of Mandarins gives you a taste of The Netherlands like no other flavour can.


AlikLolly is proud to be a supporter of a number of activities on the MRT. If you would like AlikLolly to support your event/location, feel free to leave a message on Aliksong's talk page (User_talk:Aliksong) or /mail Aliksong in game.


AlikLolly Small Store, in Utopia
AlikLolly Custom Store, in Nippia
AlikLolly Regional HQ
AlikLolly Demonstration Facility in Kenthurst
Contemporary Art, inside AlikLolly Demonstration Facility