Alta Mesa Province

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Alert.png This page will be deleted/renamed in the future as this province has been dissolved into the Torres Province
Alta Mesa Province

Flag of the Alta Mesa Province

PROVBAHIA-Flag of Alta Mesa.png
Provincial Officials
Premier MC_Protocol
Governor Echohue
MRT  SE23  Alta Mesa
Roadways  A410 
Rail BTA Alta Mesa Station
Other transit BTA
Facts and Figures
Population 0
Capital Coordinates 15809 89 16622
Founded September 15, 2019
Capital Alta Mesa
State Bahia
Official Language(s) English
New World Region Epsilon
Party Bahia Green Party

The Alta Mesa Province is one of the smallest provinces of Bahia, home to much of the country's highest mountains. The province is well known for its cool climate and frequent snow, which is rare, if not impossible, in other parts of Bahia. The province is visited frequently by residents of the capital taking refuge from lowland heat. The capital and largest city is Alta Mesa, perched on top of the Alta Mesa plateau. It is bordered by the Northern Province to the north, the Sahel Province to the east, and the Torres Province to the south.

Geography and Topography


The Alta Mesa province is the most mountainous province in Bahia. About half of the province's land area is located on the Alta Mesa Plateau, whereas the other half is located in the Acacia Valley. The province is home to the highest point in Bahia, Cerro Tronador, as well as multiple other peaks. The province is also home to the only glaciers in bahia.

List of Hills and Mountains

The Alta Mesa Province is the most mountainous province of Bahia, and contains the highest mountains in the country.

  • Pico Diente '125
  • Monte Ansilta '113
  • Cerro Alpamayo '119
  • Cerro Tronodor '140


The province's location on the Alta Mesa Plateau leads to it having the coldest climate in Bahia. The Cerro Tronador Weather Station recorded the lowest temperature ever recorded in Bahia in 1954, at -18f.

Counties and towns


The Alta Mesa Province is divided into four counties, listed below.

  • Alta Mesa
  • North Alta Mesa
  • South Valley
  • North Valley


There are no incorporated towns in the Northern Province. Unincorporated towns include:

  • Alta Mesa
  • Alta Mesa North


This is a list of every building in the province.

Number Building Address Purpose
Alta Mesa County (Total 3)
1 SE23 Station 1 Torres Road Transit
2 Rich's Fried Chicken 1 Alta Mesa Highway Franchise
3 Aroma Coffee 2 Alta Mesa Highway Franchise
North Alta Mesa County (Total 1)
1 Sans Inn 12 Alta Mesa Highway Franchise
South Valley County (Total 0)
North Valley County (Total 0)

Parks and protected areas



The Province of Alta Mesa has multiple roads, including the A410 which runs from north to south across the Acacia Valley. The most important road other than the A410 is the Alta Mesa Highway, which runs from north to south across the plateau.

Other Transport

The province is served by the MRT Southern Line with the SE23 station, and is also served by the BTA shuttle line to Sunshine Coast.


There are no current residents of this province.