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Town officials
Mayor Warning
Deputy Mayor LithiumMirnuriX
Sheriff Warning (talk)
Treasurer Warning (talk)
Town Councillors Derpy_Melon
MRT  T17 
Roadways  A942 
Other transit AmesDOT, ARTA, RailHQ
Facts and figures
Population 3-5
Town hall coordinates -2711, -3602
Founded August 2015
Town rank [Mayor]
Official language(s) English, and Japanese
World New World
Post codes  AM9 
Political Party Political party the town is affiliated with

Amestris is a city developed by Warning established on August, 2015. Amestris is located in the corner of A94 and A942 junction. Western from Laclede. Also south of Hampton. This city was designed with an intention of supporting functionality. As well as providing more people to use the roads nearby. Instead of using an MRT station. The city was built in mind of the land. No world edit requiring me to totally flatten the land. Causing me to just built along the land. Flattening land when needed.


With six lines serving each district of the city. There is the yellow line, blue line, red line, green line and commuter rail. Which are serving places. More information can be found on the AmestDOT page.

Industry and Economy

Amestris has been a fully functional city since I was first built. But let me explain in depth how everything in the city works...

Neighboorhoods and Communities

Amestris Diamond: This is probably the largest residential district in the city. Housing some of the most largest properties. With its own line serving it. Amestris diamond has a hefty price placed on each of its homes. With gold being in second. The structures here range from medium to large.

Amestris Gold: The least most expensive place in the city. Located west of downtown. Amestris gold would be considered the least most expensive place to live. As it has the university to the north and the orange line terminating at Hampton. The structures range from Medium to small.