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Amphitheatre City
Town officials
Mayor _MajorMagpie_
Deputy Mayor Kekkomatic
Town Councillors _ShadowQueen_
MRT  Y19  Amphitheatre
Bus  7 
Other transit  ACL  Amphitheatre City Loop
Facts and figures
Recognized as town September 4th 2012
Official language(s) English (United Kingdom), Birdish
This article is about to the Old World city. For the theater in the city, see MRT Amphitheatre.

Amphitheatre is a city situated at Y19 station south of spawn. It is named because of its main attraction - The MRT Amphitheatre.

The now named Amphitheatre City began with a small, un-developed swampland town surrounding Y19 Station, the swampland environment allowed for the implementation of a canal system running along the west side of the station. Surrounding this canal system 'Little Venice' was built, a small Venetian-style collection of residential buildings in all shapes and sizes.

Another early structure appearing in the area was the MRT Amphitheatre - the official theatre of the MRT server. The theatre was treated as a landmark and therefore required a named MRT station hence Amphitheatre Station. Despite this, the town itself didn't fully meet the requirements needed for mayorship so _MajorMagpie_ gained the rank several months later by which time the Town had grown to a substantial size.

Amphitheatre originally rested on 3 different biomes Swampland, Desert and Jungle, however the desert area was changed into a plains biome as part of the western development project. The majority of the South-Western Jungle was deforested during the project as well leaving only Mount Magpie and its closely surrounding jungle area however the entire area remains a jungle biome.

Amphitheatre features a South Sea Bridge on the west side of the town. The bridge was originally built by David_Pad21, but was renovated by suppoe and _frozen.


Amphitheatre Central Station

Amphitheatre City Central is the centre of all minecart transit in the city. It is run by the Amphitheatre Transit Authority  ATA  a part of Magpie Transit Systems  MTS .

Amphitheatre Central Station Status

Status code line
Running  Y  Y19 Station - MRT Yellow Line
Closed  ACL  Amphitheatre City Loop
Closed  AIC-1  Amphi-MineCity Line
Construction  AIC-2  Amphi-Inchmuir Line
Planned  AIC-3  Amphi-Redlin Line

 Y19  Amphitheatre Station - MRT Yellow Line

Amphitheatre City's MRT Station is  Y19  Amphitheatre - Amphitheatre Station. It is located beneath the Central Hub and can only be accessed via the Hub. The station uses the Cyan Systems updated MRT v4.0 which reduces the space used by the station and decreases the lag.

 ACL  Amphitheatre City Loop

ACL System Map

The ACL serves as the main metro system in Amphitheatre, it connects all the districts together in a loop. The stations use a Minecart technology created by _MajorMagpie_ and later developed on by BaronThamesBank, the station doesn't move the cart up, down, left or right at all to provide the passengers with a realistic riding experience.

 ACL  Station status

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png  ACL  Amphitheatre Central  Y   AIC 
Dynmap Green Flag.png  ACL  Southern District Stn. No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png  ACL  Lloyd Beach Stn. No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png  ACL  Docklands Stn. No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png  ACL  Residential District Stn. No connections

 AIC  Amphitheatre Inter-City

Amphitheatre Inter-City serves as Amphitheatre's rail connections with other nearby cities.

Status code line
Closed  AIC-1  MineCity InterCity Line
Construction  AIC-2  Inchmuir InterCity Line
Planned  AIC-3  Redlin InterCity Line