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Town officials
Mayor bestmate66 logiblocs bensismith
Founder 0rocketscience0
Bus  DTS 
Roadways  Dutch Highway 
Other transit  DTS   EML   M4   WCX 
Facts and figures
Population 5+
Town hall coordinates 1664,65,1818
Official language(s) English, Dutch (partially)

Andromeda is a town, founded by 0rocketscience0, and run by bestmate66, logiblocs and bensismith. It's intitial history is unknown, but once sent to logi and best, it was decided to be used for a replacement of Biome Heights, although has since re-opened.

Town News

Date Description
00/00/0000 Town was founded


Kepler Studio

The Kepler Studio is a tower bridge on top of the Dutch Highway. The tower is 65 meters high. For awesome views of Andromeda you can use the Elevator to climb up to 27 meters! At Floor 3 we have the RadioAndromeda Studio where RadioAndromeda (126.00 FM) is transmitted.

Andromeda Hotel

Staying for a long journey in Andromeda? The Andromeda Hotel offers 4 rooms all of them with double beds.

The Circle

is a skyscraper situated in the centre of Andromeda. Inside you can find the Galaxy Mall and the Andromeda Apartments. The Circle has 8 floors dedicated to apartments for your long-stay in Andromeda. The Galaxy Mall its a Underground Mall with a lot of MRT Franchises Shops such as Arlington Book Store, CartMart and BenkGo!.


The town is connected by the  DTS ,  EML ,  WCX , and  M4 , running from the Transit Center. It also is connected to the Andromeda International Airport, and the  MRT-31 ! Need any assistance? Our Galaxy team will be there to assist!

Line North Station South Station Terminal
 M4  Rockstone Chack City A
 EML  Wishington Chuno A
 DTS  Auratia Primerose A
 WCX  - - -
 Int. Shuttle  Andromeda Airport B

Bus Station

The town is connected from the  DTS  bus system and the  QBUS  (QuartzBuz) system.

Line Stops Bay
 DTS  Andromeda, MineCity, Treplow, Primerose 1
 QBUS  Andromeda, Redlin, SCTC 2


Andromeda is connected to the skies by the Andromeda International Airport (see it's page for more details).

 Int. Shuttle 

To supplement this, it has a dedicated shuttle from the very entrance of the airport, flying its way to the heart of Andromeda via the Transit Centre. If you have a flight ticket, you are able to board the shuttle!

Buying on the day? Tickets cost as little as $1 pppw! Just speak to a member of the Galaxy team for assistance!


The town is connected by road, via the  MRT-31 , going from MineCity to Primerose . It is also connected to the Rockstone Ring Road from the north.