Apple Store

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Apple Store
Founder Mustang_guy
Facts and Figures
Locations 7
Founded Summer 2013
Parent Company Moose Interests LTD.


The Apple Store is a cross-server franchise owned and operated by mustang_guy. The Apple Stores are hand built and modeled after real life ones. We currently sell 3 types of stores.

Store Types

To order a store, please contact mustang_guy. Prices are listed under each type.


Mall stores are made to fit in slots in malls around the server. They all share a common look and feel. $10


Stand-Alone stores are medium sized stores intended to be built as a free-standing building. $15


Flagship Apple Stores are large, unique stores. These stores do not share a look with any other Apple Store on the server, and are modeled after famous real life ones including Fifth Ave. in NYC, Pudong in Shanghai, and Regent St. in London. $30


City Name Nearest MRT Store Type Modeled After
Paradise Island  Y24  Paradise Island Stand-Alone Lincoln Park Apple Store
Deserette  R13  Audenville Stand-Alone Palo Alto
Fairfax  G5  Fairfax Flagship Regent Street
Fairfax  G5  Fairfax Custom Custom
Robin's Hill  G10  Robin's Hill Mall Custom
Segville  ZS7  Segville Central Flagship Opéra
Haskaa  M28  Haskaa Stand-Alone New Haven
Utopia  D14  Utopia Stand-Alone Highland Village


Apple Store- Paradise Island
Apple Store- Robin's Hill
Apple Store- Deserette
Apple Store- Segville
Apple Store- Haskaa