April Fools 2016

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Some wacky stuff that happed on April 1, 2016. Add as many things that happened as you can! Please put new sections above "Spawn" due to wiki syntax.


As an April fools joke, rank tags have been reversed/changed!
[tseuG] (Guest)
[rebmeM] (Member)
[nezitiC] (Citizen)
[eetsurT] (Trustee)
[rollicnuoC] (Councillor)
[royaM] (Mayor)
[rotaneS] (Senator)
[ronrevoG] (Governor)
[reimerP] (Premier)
{Helpop} (Mod)

Funny Quotes

The Funny Quotes page has been turned into an AAAAAAAAAA page...
A.K.A This Lol.jpeg

Changed Pages


As a joke, the admods have turned Central Park into a burning horror. Now Central Park kinda looks like hell.

Top A nice flower forest biome
Bottom HELL