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Aquidneck Islands

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Aquidneck Islands
Town officials
Mayor BernCow
Deputy Mayor None
Facts and figures
Founded February 29, 2020
Town rank Councillor
World New

The Aquidneck Islands are a town and a small group of islands located in the North Eastern of the New World in the yet to be named lake/ocean #54. The Aquidneck Islands are owned by BernCow and are a member of The KnoxFern Republic. Founded after the opening of the Zeta region The Aquidneck Islands are a spiritual successor to the Catskill Islands a similar town formerly owned by BernCow.


The Aquidneck Islands are made up of 3 main Islands. They are heavily based on the White Mountains of New Hampshire (Kennebec Island only), Newport, RI Plymouth, MA and the Cape Cod area. Each island has a small ferry port for local boats as well as well as a tram system on the two larger islands with a possible inter island rail line and possibly a road Linking The Islands in the future. The Aquidneck Islands have very few roads instead having wooden walkways. Each Island is its own district except for Hyannis and Kennebec which will each be made up of 2 districts.


There are 3 Islands

Sandwich Island

Sandwich Island was the first and smallest Island to be settled and contains the town hall as well as many businesses and possibly a port. Named after Sandwich Massachusetts.

Hyannis Island

Hyannis Island is the 2nd largest island and will contain 2 or 3 districts, It will contain many businesses and attractions and possibly a large port. Named after Hyannis Massachusetts.

Kennebec Island

Kennebec Island is arguably the largest Island and will contain 2 districts. Kennebec is unique as it is located of the Coast of Sandwich and Hyannis islands and is the only Island that is not a badlands biome. Kennebec Island is a Mountain biome and is named after the Kennebec River in Maine. Please note the barely connected swamp biome peninsula is not claimed by BernCow and is availible to whoever wants it.


Transit in The Aquidneck Islands is served by AIRTA