Aquidneck Islands 2020 Summer Olympic Bid

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Aquidneck Islands 2020 Summer Olympics Bid
Aquidneck Olympics Logo.png
Town Aquidneck Islands
Mayor BernCow
Deputy Mayor Vroomba
Bid Start Date March 30, 2020

The Aquidneck Islands 2020 Summer Olympic Bid is a bid to host the 2020 Summer Olympics.

The Town

Founded in late February 2020, The Aquidneck Islands is a quaint island town located in lake #54 of the Zeta Region. It is connected to the rest of the server by boat with at least one ferry to the MRT Marina. Events would take place at Harborside Park a multi use athletics complex.The Aquidneck Islands unique geography make it an ideal town for the Olympics as it position on the coast allows most events to take place in one area.

Getting Here

By Boat
Company Service Port
Yelo Waterways Route 2954 Sandwich Marina, Harborside Park


Facility Events Description
McCoy Stadium. Spleef
Named after the Stadium of the Pawtucket RedSox McCoy Stadium is a large outdoor spleef arena that would be used in the Olympics for the Opening Ceremony and PvP
National Airlines Amphitheater @ Harborside Park Sumotori Small Arena to be used for Sumotori
Oceanfront Aquatics Center(Planned) Swimming
The oceanfront aquatics center will be outdoors in the lake dividing Sandwich and Hyannis
Sandwich Downs(Planned) Horse Racing If horse racing is included in the Olympic sandwich downs will be built and used for it.
Unnamed Archery Facility Archery
Unnamed Parkour Facility Parkour
Aquidneck Country Club Golf
Hyannis Island Cross Country A course for cross country racing will be created in unused areas of Hyannis Island