Arctic Plains

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Arctic Plains
Town officials
Mayor sesese9 (West Calbar)
bensismith (Freshney)
nktrain (Washingcube)
Deputy Mayor See town pages
MRT  A13  Maplelyn District (West Calbar)
 A14  West Calbar
 A15  Washingcube
 A16  Freshney
Bus  Arrivé Bus Lines  95  
Roadways  A89 
Other transit Northern Star Ferries via Seneca Canal
Arctic Plains Ferries via Freshney Canal
Arctic Plains Metro
Facts and figures
Founded 16th September 2015 - April 9th 2017
World New, Gamma
Post codes  WC9  (West Calbar)
 WA9  (Washingcube)
 FR9  (Freshney)
Other info
MPO League of Cities
LoC Representative sesese9

The Arctic Plains was an SMP between the towns of West Calbar, Washingcube, and Freshney, but can still refer to the region. The area covers stations  A13  through  A16 .


The SMP was originally formed because of how close the towns of West Calbar and Washingcube were, and the assumption that both Freshney and Washingcube would come together also. The goal was to encourage growth between the now-called districts with the use of public transport and road links, along which they could grow against.

However, few of these plans were successful. RaiLinQ's opening of their intra-SMP line did help connect the SMP together and the  B902  also helped. The  A89 , on the other hand, acted as a divider between Freshney and Washingcube which made Freshney never seem a true part of the SMP. While growth did increase, it was hampered by inactivity. Plans did arrive of including  A17  but again inactivity led this to slip.

By the start of 2017, ideas of the ending of SMPs altogether were around. Reflection at this time, although difficult due to inactivity and timezones, concluded that many other ideas the mayors had would never come to fruition, such as an SMP airport. All SMP work had pretty much ended before the deadline but it was only then that it was officially disbanded.


Information about transit within each town can be found on their pages, however major lines are listed here.


There are several 3rd party rail services in and around the Arctic Plains. Stations in bold are those inside the Arctic Plains.

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Route Status
RaiLinQ logo.png Inter-City Wazamawazi (via Calbar Arena) to Whiteley Open.png Open between Wazamawazi and Calbar Arena
Stoptrain: Wazamawazi (via West Calbar/Calbar Arena) to Mason City Open.png
Stoptrain: Calbar Arena to Freshney Marina via Washingcube Open.png
Arctic Plains Metro Metro: West Calbar to Freshney via Washingcube Open.png
Pacificalogo.jpeg Maidenhead Line: Whitechapel Waterfront (via West Calbar Forest Landing) to either:-
  Gold City (North Branch) or
  Birchview (East Branch)
Open.png Open between Birchview and Whitechapel


One of the two major projects of the SMP was the construction of the  B902  to connect the SMP together. This was completed by mid-2016 and along with a connection to  A89  meant that the whole SMP was well connected to the wider MRT network.

Other connections to the  A89  are available in West Calbar around the Spaghetti Bowl, which also incorporates the  A942  to Laclede and  A94 .

In early 2017 a connection to the  B91  in Freshney, at the end of  B902 , was completed after many months of planning.


Before the SMP was created, the Seneca Canal was constructed up to West Calbar, served by Northern Star Ferries to Whitechapel.

The River Freshney existed as a very rough connection along the SMP to Freshney, although this was not connected to the Seneca Canal. It was therefore decided to make the Freshney Canal which turned out to be the largest project in the SMP. It formed the backbone of the SMP and still serves a purpose as a connection for ships to access the West Calbar Harbour (for Washingcube also) and the Port of Freshney. It took 2 years to complete to its current state, which is still unstable around the Freshney Straight.