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ArizTrad in the MRTvision Screenshot Contest

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ArizTrad in the MRTvision Screenshot Contest
Flag of Malosa.png Flag of Hamblin.png
Cities representedMalosa
Participation summary
Appearances8 (8 finals)
Host11 (Hamblin)
First appearance4
Highest placement1st: 10
No. of website apperances6

ArizTrad has participated in the MRTvision Screenshot Contest eight times since his debut in the fourth contest. He first participated under Hamblin, and later Malosa. ArizTrad has qualified for the final every time he has participated and has won the contest once.

Contest history

ArizTrad's original submissions to the MRTvision Screenshot Contest before changing them: "Sun on the Horizon" for the seventh contest (left) and "Civil Debate" for the twelfth contest (right)

ArizTrad joined the server for the first time a few days before the final of the MRTvision Screenshot Contest 3. Although he joined too late to participate or vote, he still followed the final ceremony. By the MRTvision Screenshot Contest 4, he had created the town of Hamblin, which was Councillor at the time. He then entered the MRTvision Screenshot Contest for the first time, placing 16th in the final.

After the summer of 2019, ArizTrad grew away from the server. He signed up for the MRTvision Screenshot Contest 5, but could not find the motivation to take a screenshot for this contest, and thus withdrew. By early 2020, he was closer to the server again and participated in the MRTvision Screenshot Contest 6 under Hamblin, who became Mayor. He received placed 9th with his screenshot, "Central Station".

In the MRTvision Screenshot Contest 7, ArizTrad was working on his new town of Malosa more and participated under the then-unranked town. He originally submitted "Sun on the Horizon", before replacing his entry "Deep Cosmos". He placed in 6th place in the final. In the eighth and ninth contests, he failed to place any higher, finishing 17th and 6th again in the final respectively, although winning the semi-final in the ninth contest.

In the MRTvision Screenshot Contest 10, he won for the first time with "Crowded Solitude". In the eleventh contest, which was hosted in his town of Hamblin, he submitted "Giant's Garden", placing 4th with 167 points, his second-best placement. ArizTrad was also featured in two screenshots in the eleventh contest: Peripotamia's entry "I'll face the sun again as soon as this dreary night end" and the City-State of Kitania's entry "Summer Creek". In the MRTvision Screenshot Contest 12, he originally submitted the screenshot "Civil Debate", an old screenshot of Central City he had saved from a previous contest. After receiving feedback, he replaced the screenshot with "Iberia Rising", which placed 6th in the final with 149 points.


Every screenshot ArizTrad has submitted has had two words in the title. This trend was almost broken in the MRTvision Screenshot Contest 7, where ArizTrad initially submitted a screenshot of Horizon National Airport with the title "Sun on the Horizon". He later submitted "Deep Cosmos" instead, as he received advice that the original screenshot was of "bad quality".

Participation overview

Table key
Third place
Contest City represented Screenshot City photographed Final Semi-final
Place Points Place Points
4 Flag of Hamblin.png Hamblin "Lazy Sunday" Arcadia 16 128 8 74
6 "Central Station" Daneburg 9 122 7 86
7 Flag of Malosa.png Malosa "Deep Cosmos" Itokani 6 128 10 60
8 "The Widower" Stormhold Bay 17 68 4 94
9 "Lunar Fantasy" Heights City 6 148 1 148
10 "Crowded Solitude" Kazeshima 1 203 3 105
11 "Giant's Garden" Apiary 4 167 Prior winner
12 "Iberia Rising" Caravaca 6 149 5 92

MRTvision: Celebrating 10 Screenshot Contests

City represented Screenshot City photographed At Celebrating 10 At MRTvision
Final Points Semi Points Contest Place Points
Flag of Malosa.png Malosa "Crowded Solitude" Kazeshima Failed to qualify 20 116 10 1 203