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Alert.png Armada is currently in a state of restoration.
Town Officials
Mayor PtldKnight
Founder ArdyArd
MRT  A25  Armada Rocksted
 A26 - C107  Armada
 C108  Armada Quasar
Other transit



Facts and Figures
Town Hall Coordinates -4680,67,-6217
Founded October 5 2014
Town Rank Senator
World New
Post codes  AR9  xxx (VPS), 901x (APCS), Armada ARM A26-C107 (BMS)
City Phone Code CTS = +900 923 ECTS = 23 (Inactived)


Armada is a town founded by ArdyArd on the Gamma server after its opening.

Building Style

Armada's style is highly derived from  C85  Xandar. Though, the style has mutated on its own over time.

Featured On:

Lalaboy's Cinematic 4, 4:58 - 5:06
Ben6331's Benion TV, Feb 15 2016

Districts and postcodes

Name MRT Stations Served Flag Color Postcodes
Skydome-Snafle Red AR9 0xx - 9010
Central  A26  -  C107  Armada Red AR9 1xx - 9011
Quasar  C108  Armada Quasar Pink AR9 2xx - 9012
Vanadium Valley Blue AR9 3xx - 9013
Rocksted  A25  Armada Rocksted Red AR9 4xx - 9014
Previous station Next station
 A24  Waterville - Orio District
towards Central City—Southwest Station via Whitechapel
 A25  Armada Rocksted
 A26  Armada
 A27  Lancaste
towards Snowtopic
 C106  Foobar
 C107  Armada
 C108  Armada Quasar
 C109  Konawa West