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The Armadean Implementation is a system of assigning postal codes to the individual buildings of the cities that already implemented Vermilion Postcode System as their post code system. The system has been developed in Armada by Ardyle, hence its name.


The system elaborates on the Vermilion Postcode System and uses the same city codes. However, since the system doesn't provide any standards on how the district codes are determined, the Armadean Implemention was developed to bridge the gap. Therefore, Armadean Implementation is compatible with VPS. Cities might or might not choose to use the Implementation independently, meaning VPS users aren't required to use the Implementation. The Implementation also uses colored boxes from MRT Colours to improve the look of the current post codes.


Version 1

The code looks like this:  AA1 1AA 1 

The code is broken into five parts.

  • The first two letters and the number is the same with the city's VPS code. For example, Arcadium is coded  AC9  according to the VPS records.
  • The number after the space is the district code in which the building is located in. For example, Beachlands District has a code of  AC9 4BL .
  • The letters are the neighborhood code of the district, and can be any combination AA-ZZ and don't need to be identical. For example, Beachlands Street is coded  AC9 4BS .
  • The last number is the house numbering, for example, 8 Beachlands Street is coded  AC9 4BS 8 


  • Any set of buildings in a street, promenade area or an enclosed block can be declared as a neighborhood. It is recommended that neighborhoods don't exceed 15 buildings.
  • A district is also assigned a two-letter code, often pointing to the district hall or the post office building of the given district. For example,  AC9 4BL  refers to the Beachlands District as a whole, and mail sent to this address will be relayed to  AC9 4BS 3  , the district hall building of Beachlands.
  • Mayors are recommended to keep track of their buildings using signs as house numbering and a directory of all buildings on the wiki. For example, Armadean_Municipality/Directory is the directory of Armadean Municipality.
  • Exclaves and small settlements of the city-states are recommended to use one district-neighborhood combo. For Example, the entirety of Armalans uses  SU4 9AL .