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Armadean Municipality

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Armadean Municipality is a state on the server, governing several provinces and autonomous territories.

Armadean Municipality
Mayor DevyySky
Deputy Mayor tarheelscouse
Ruling Party MRT Green Party
Capital Armada
Legislative Center Arcadium Beachlands Parliament (TEMPORARY)
Currency monet
Date Founded June 17, 2014
City Count 22
Population TBA
State Animals/Plants
State Tree Spruce
State Bird Dolan


The history of the municipality began around June 2014, when Ardyle has started his first town, Arcadia in the Akane Region of the old world. The town has later developed into the first SMP of the MRT server, with 7 members. Arcadia was abandoned with the beginning of the Gamma World. Armada was started in late 2014 as the focus moved from the old world to the new world. Armada was eventually expanded into a town with 4 MRT stations and a ringroad. Ardyle, unhappy with the quality of the buildings in Armada, moved to the Epsilon region to start Arcadium, named after the original town. Arcadium was started in December 2016, and continues to expand in the present day.

Inactive territories

You might request building rights for territories of Armadean Municipality that are inactive or inherited from other players by receiving a maintainer status. If you have building rights, please keep these in mind:

  • Aim to preserve the theme of the territory.
  • Remember that you don't have building rights for property owned by other people inside the territory, talk to them before making changes.
  • Do not remove any buildings without the permission of the mayor, if the territory is a town admitted into the municipality because of the inactivity of the original mayor, do not remove any of the original buildings.
  • You might request monetary checkouts for your work, please negotiate with the mayor.

You might also request a territory to be transferred into your ownership, to do this, please talk to the mayor.

Current lineup of maintainers

Province Territories Maintainer(s)
Armada and Territories Armada armagedoom, _ezzo
Lancaster Available
Rocksted Not Maintained
42 Available
Birch Forest City Available
Downsview Downsview time2makemymove
City State of Mallison Mineomania Available

Board of Permanents

Provinces Permanent
Armada and Territories Ardyle
Woodsdale Hightech_TR
Downsview Washington_Tdt
Local Governable Territories of Ezzo _ezzo
Inverness Steve_Bobs
New Acreadium
  • DevranTheBoyXD
  • _Pinguinn
City State of Mallison jamessmas
Oasis Sands A_Xmas_Cammy
Snowdin CrazyRocketGuy


Province Districts Mayor
Armada and Territories Ardyle
Woodsdale Hightech_TR
Downsview Washington_Tdt
Local Governable Territories of Ezzo Ezzo City _ezzo
Inverness Inverness Steve_Bobs
New Acreadium New Acreadium DevranTheBoyxD
City State of Mallison
  • Mineomania
  • Mallison
Oasis Sands
  • Oasis Sands
  • Silveris
  • Farport
  • Snowdin


  • Woodsdale
  • Inverness
  • Armada

Government Agencies

Department Minister
Department of Transport
Department of Defense
Department of Foreign Affairs _ezzo