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Going your way
Chief Executive Board Gopher
Former Executives JohnNotTech
Employees Narnia17
Additional Information
Divisions Arrivé Metros
Arrivé Regional
Headquarters GopherCorp Tower, Liten
Parent Company GopherCorp

Arrivé was a transportation and transportation technology company owned by Frontier Group. The company operates several forms of transportation on the MRT server, including minecart-based local metro/subway systems and local buses under contract to town/city governments, intercity warp-based train systems, and intercity/commuter buses.

Arrivé was founded originally to construct and operate a new bus terminal in Central City as a joint venture between Frontier Group and GeorgiaHoldings. However, the company quickly diversified, expanding into metro systems and offering redstone assistance, station design, and more. Later on, the company undertook the responsibility to design, build, and operate several metros, being in charge of establishing lines/routes, designing and building stations, and connecting the stations with Arrivé-designed tunnels. The first instance of this was a shuttle in Saint Roux going from Gare Orsay to Cosmo Element Vanadium Theatre, which used a minecart train system (that is, multiple carts riding together to make a "train") developed in cooperation with Gopher and _Kastle. Amidst rapid expansion, Gopher later became a CEO of Arrivé, with GeorgiaHoldings' shares in Arrivé being terminated and given to GopherCorp. Arrivé's most recent expansion was through a merger with IntraBus, making Arrivé a 33%-owned subsidiary of IntraTransit (a division of Feline Holdings), with KittyCat11231 running Arrivé's new bus division, Arrivé Bus Lines.

On September 7th, 2015, with approval from KittyCat11231 and JohnNotTech, hntredtie was promoted to Arrivé's Chief Executive Board, under which board members govern the divisions that they head. KittyCat11231 is head of Arrivé Bus Lines, Gopher and JohnNotTech are head of Arrivé Metros, and hntredtie is head of Arrivé Trains. However, executive board members do work for other divisions regularly; for example, hntredtie commonly assists with Arrivé Metros, and JohnNotTech has contributed to Arrivé Bus Lines and Arrivé Trains.

On November 7th, 2015, amid rising conflicts from within and controversey, _hnt resigned from the Chief Executive Board of Arrivé, and Arrivé Trains are to be spun off into a Northwest Transit division, resulting in the shares of Northwest Holdings being terminated.

On December 28th, 2015, Frontier Group was assimilated into Feline Holdings which granted them a 50% stake with GopherCorp controlling the other half.

On April 23rd, 2016, Feline Holdings declared Arrivé Bus Lines a private company under its ownership and forfeited its share in Arrivé, leaving the rest of the company to GopherCorp.

In late 2016, Frontier Group acquired all properties formerly owned by Arrivé, including Arrivé Bus Lines.

Arrivé Metros

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Arrivé Metros was the first transit operation division of Arrivé, being actively contributed to by JohnNotTech and Gopher.

Arrivé Regional

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Arrivé Regional is the division of Arrivé responsible for commuter and intercity rail operations, contributed to by JohnNotTech and Gopher