Ashmore-Spruce Neck

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Ashmore-Spruce Neck
Town officials
Mayor Derpy_Melon (Spruce Neck)
enjineer30302 (Ashmore)
Deputy Mayor See town pages
MRT  A2 - ZN2  Spruce Neck
 T2  Spruce Neck South
 A3 - ZN3  Ashmore
Bus Derpy Bus Lines Coming Soon!
Roadways Highway B19.png
Other transit More Info Later
Facts and figures
Founded April 9th, 2016
World New
Post codes AS1 (Ashmore)
SN1 (Spruce Neck)

Ashmore-Spruce Neck is an SMP between Ashmore and Spruce Neck. It is planned to develop the area between Ashmore and Spruce Neck, by creating roads and building in between the two towns. It is also planned to have ATA subway and bus service between the two towns.


4/9/16 - The SMP is approved by _frozen.
4/10/16 SMP gets a police service by SNAF.

Inter-City Transit


 ASN3  - Derpy Bus Lines - Status: Service New.png Planned


IntraRail Spruce Regional Status: Service Construction.png Under construction