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The City of Astoria
Astoria's town hall.
Town officials
Deputy Mayor TonyTajiri
Sheriff Benie
Town Councillors VACANT (Transit Councillor)
MeetMeInSpace (Financial Councillor)
Casey_Jones3 (Tourism Councillor)
_hnt (Education Councillor)
MRT  C48  Astoria
Bus  Arrivé Bus Lines  449  
Other transit TACO
Facts and figures
Population 35+
Town hall coordinates 3315, 65, 7548
Founded April 7, 2015
Recognized as town May 14, 2015
Town rank Senator
Official language(s) American English and Japanese (Hiragana) (secondary)
World Gamma (new)
Post codes  AS4 
Political Party Party Poopers


These are the beautiful assorted districts of Astoria. We have lots of cultures defined within these beautiful parts of the city.


This is the district of which the current area of Astoria is housed. We have the city hall, many residential houses, Prubourne Steak and Vitamin Drinks Shop. The main intersection is between Hallston Road (North and South) and Redtie Avenue (East and West)


This is the main upper-class residential sector of Astoria settled on Espora Lake and the Espora Sound. You'll mainly see houses from very posh owners with lots of space going for over $1000 MRTD. This sector of Astoria is still W.I.P. or still in construction. Feel free to build a large contemporary, traditional, or Mediterranean mansions only. If it does not look good, fit in, or becomes inactive for seven days without extra notice, it may be marked for deletion.

Murray Square

Murray Square is the main downtown district of Astoria.


Japantown is where all the Japanese culture goes in Astoria. This is where the blue-collar immigrants from Japan work and live in Astoria. The first establishment will be Souzai Daigaku, a shop selling steak croquet and beef steaks. Its name translates to "University of Side-dishes".

Plots for Sale

Apply for a plot here

Astoria Donations

Donate to the Astoria Public Works Fund here

Laws of Astoria

All stores must charge 4% extra for all products except for food products to be put into the Astoria Public Works Fund. If it is a restaurant, sales tax becomes 6% plus 15% tip at lunch and 20% at dinner. You must build a realistic, ideally a modern-day city like building. Any immigrants must fill out papers in the Astoria Immigration Office (AIO) at Port Puerto.

To-Do List

Priority of 1 = Will be the main task of immediate focus.

Priority of 2 = Important, but going to be tackled later.

Priority of 3 = It's gonna be a while.

  • Develop the Education of Astoria 2
  • Make a police office and jail 1
  • Develop Westward 2
  • Develop Northward (Industrial Area)2
  • Develop Southward 2
  • Get an Airport 3
  • Develop Murray Square district 1
  • Create Ports 2
  • Create Gasfume District1
  • Create Yasoinaba 1
  • Create Blusiray Village 3
  • Make a bus line 2
  • Make a transit hub 2
  • Redo City Hall 1
  • Make immigration office 3
  • Road Rehaul 1
  • Make landmark for governor 2

Notable Achievements

  • The 2nd of May, 2015, Narnia17, the deputy mayor, became Senator rank.
  • The 14th of May, 2015 Astoria became Councillor rank. Thanks for helping us get this far.
  • The 28th of May, 2015, Astoria became Mayor rank. Thanks for your help and support!
  • The 25th of June, 2015, _HeavenAngel_, was appointed as Sidewalk Manager.
  • The 26th of June, 2015, Astoria's first fire station was completed; this was the start of the Astoria Fire Department.
  • The 26th of June, 2015, HanSangYoon, was appointed to Urban Planner and official translator.
  • The 27th of June, 2015, Gopher, was appointed to Parks & Recreation Manager, and Urban Developer.
  • The 1st of August, 2015, Mannerhein Bridge was completed, now connecting Southlake to Astoria.
  • The 3rd of August, 2015, Starlight Tower was completed by MODEart Architecture.
  • The 6th of August, 2015, the Astoria Reorganization Act has been completed, thank jphgolf4321 for moving the buildings, and accidentally making Half a German Sausage Factory.
  • The 13th of August, 2015, _hnt became the new deputy mayor of Astoria.
  • The 7th of October, 2015, Astoria gained Senator rank.
  • The 24th of November, 2015, Astoria Regional Hospital was completed.
  • The 1st of August, 2016, Mayor Tony Tajiri returned from temporary leave.
  • The 2nd of December, 2016 Mayor Tony Tajiri resigns and gives town to Deputy Mayor MIKE24DUDE
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