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Town Officials
Emperor (Mayor) _Kastle
Shogun (Deputy Mayor) MeetMeInSpace
Founder Derpy_Melon
MRT  XW24 
Trails Sakura Promenade (Planned)
Town Information
Official Languages English, Japanese
Founded April 29th, 2016
World Gamma
Ward(s) 7
Town Code AK7
Currency ¥ (Yen)
Fun Facts
Sakura (Cherry Blossom)

Asuka is a town on the new world located at  XW24 . The mayor is _Kastle and the deputy is MeetMeInSpace. Below you can find more info about the town.


Asuka is a ancient Japanese town located on the new world. It is based off the Asuka/Nara period in Japan which occured during the 8th century. Some modifications are made to the original architecture but the feel is the same. The town is completely pedestrian with no uCar roads. Because of the unusual style, no standalone franchises will be available. You will only be able to make a shop in a prebuilt space. We will only accept franchises that fit the time period (No Technology). Houses will be available for sale but they will be limited at first. Later on, Derpy_Melon gave the town away to _Kastle.

The Agora

A view of the agora

The agora is the center of pulic life in Asuka. It is an open plaza with shops, performances, and public acts. In the center you can find the Asuka Town Hall which is a pagoda. Shop stands are available to claim in the agora. Keep in mind we only accept shops that fit in with the time period (around 8th century). The format will be a stand with a prebuilt exterior.


Asuka Twin Ravine

A view of the ravine from above

The landmark of Asuka is the Asuka Twin Ravine. It is called this because there are two curved ravines intersecting one another. Soon, some viewing platforms will be built inside the ravine for some great views of the ravine. This naturally occuring miracle is under protection of the Asukan government.


Kyojuno District (01)

This is the residential district in Asuka. Here you can find the homes of many players on the MRT. The houses here are all unique and custom. If you would like a house here, you may use the mail center (coming soon) or ask Derpy_Melon (MeloNaeNae) in-game. Odd numbered houses are on the right and even numbered houses are on the left (if looked at from enterance to district)

The Asuka residential district
Property ID Resident
101 Narnia17
102 QueenSmae
103 hnt
104 jphgolf4321
105 MeetMeInSpace
107 sesese9

Shogyono District (02)

This is the commercial district in Asuka. Here you can find stores, markets, HQ's, and offices. Government building can also be found here.

Property ID Name Type
101 Asuka News Service Government Building

Shukyo District (03)

This is the religion district in Asuka. Here you can find temples, shrines, and many other religious activities done in open areas. Embassies will also be found here as other towns/cities have different religions.

Property ID Name Type
101 Spruce Neck Embassy Embassy

Address System

The way a plot is given an address is as follows:

XX - District ID
YYY - Property ID

Property Documents

When you buy a residence in Asuka, you will have to fill out a book form. Below is are the details and legal information for each book. CAS (Camino Archive System) was created by Omricon and was originally used for Camino. Asuka uses the same system but it is called AAS.

Consent of Purchase

A consent of Purchase (COP) is signed by the subject and starts the contract for the property. The subject may keep a copy if he/she wishes but it is not necessary.
Legal Information

  • 1) This document validates a Certificate of Ownership with the same date and property ID.
  • 2) This document is only valid If signed by the same subject as the parent document Certificate of Ownership
  • 3) This document may be overruled by an Administrative Void Document.

Certificate of Ownership

A Certificate of Ownership (COO) confirms the purchase of property and is signed by a state official. The subject keeps this document as a proof of purchase.
Legal Information

  • 1) This document is only valid if signed by a state official.
  • 2) This document is only valid if the subject has signed a Consent of Purchase Document.
  • 3) If the subject wishes to sell or give up their property they need to issue a Personal Void Document alongside this document. A Personal Void Document can be obtained in the Asuka Town Hall.
  • 4) The authorities have to ability to issue an Administrative Void Document without any reason.
  • 5) If an Administrative Void Document is issued, the subject has the right for a full refund.
  • 6) If a Breach Infringement Document is issued alongside an Administrative Void Document no refund will be given.
  • 7) In the case of a Breach Infringement Document the subject has the right to a full explanation as to why it has been issued.
  • 8) An Administrative Void Document and a Breach Infringement Document is only valid if signed by a state official.

Administrative Void Document

An Administrative Void is given by a state offical if the contract for the property ends.
Legal Information

  • 1) This document is only valid If signed by a state official.
  • 2) If this document is issued alongside a Breach Infringement Document that document takes priority.
  • 3) The subject has the right for a full refund is no other document takes priority.
  • 4) This document may be issued as a response to a Personal Void Document.
  • 5) This document takes priority over a Certificate of Ownership document.

Breach Infringement Document

A Breach Infringement is given when the subject has done something serious to the property (ie. Grief) or is banned.
Legal Information

  • 1) This document is only valid if signed my a state official.
  • 2) This document is an overruling of an Administrative Void Document.
  • 3) The subject no longer has the right for a refund due to a breach of contact.
  • 4) The subject has the right to a full explanation as to why this document is issued.

Personal Void Document

A Personal Void is filled out by the subject if he/she wishes to end the contract.
Legal Information

  • 1) This document is only valid if signed by the same subject and has the same property ID as the Certificate of Ownership this document overrules.
  • 2) This document will be responded with an official Administrative Void Document before it will take effect.

News Service

Read ChannelFour For More Detailed Info
Asuka has a news service that provides news for the town, the server, and Minecraft. News stories will be uploaded as major events happen. If you would like to submit a news story, talk to Derpy_Melon ingame. We have a news station at 101 Commercial District, Asuka.

Asuka Samurai Force

This is the official army force of Asuka. It provides both military and police actions in Asuka. Instead of cars, tanks, etc. the force uses horses to move around because of the time period of the town. The uniform is a black leather armour with a samurai skull. A building for the samurais will soon be constructed in the commercial district of Asuka.