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The Agora in Asuka
Flag of Asuka.png
Flag of Asuka
Town officials
Deputy Mayor_Kastle
MRT XW24  Foobar
Town information
Official languagesEnglish
FoundedApril 29, 2016
WorldNew World
Town codeAK7
CurrencyYen (¥)
Official treeSakura (Cherry blossom)

Asuka is a Councillor town founded by MikeRoma, located at XW24 on the MRT Expo Line. It was founded on April 29, 2016.

Its current mayor is McYoshi26, with its deputy being _Kastle.


Asuka is a Japanese-style town founded by MikeRoma on April 29, 2016. It is inspired by the Asuka and Nara periods in Japan during the eighth century.

Asuka is completely pedestrian. Because of its style, no standalone franchises are located in the town.


The Agora

The Agora is an open plaza with shops, performances, and public acts in Asuka. The Asuka Town Hall is a pagoda located in the center of The Agora. Shop stands are available to claim in The Agora.

Asuka Twin Ravine

A view of the ravine from above

The Asuka Twin Ravine is the landmark of Asuka. The Asuka Twin Ravine gets its name from the two curved ravines intersecting one another. The naturally occurring landmark is under the protection of the Asukan government.


Kyojuno District (01)

This is the residential district in Asuka. Here you can find the homes of many players on the MRT. The houses here are all unique and custom. If you would like a house here, you may use the mail center (coming soon) or ask Derpy_Melon (MeloNaeNae) in-game. Odd numbered houses are on the right and even numbered houses are on the left (if looked at from enterance to district)

The Asuka residential district
Property ID Resident
101 Narnia17
102 QueenSmae
103 hnt
104 jphgolf4321
105 MeetMeInSpace
107 sesese9

Shogyono District (02)

This is the commercial district in Asuka. Here you can find stores, markets, HQ's, and offices. Government building can also be found here.

Property ID Name Type
101 Asuka News Service Government Building

Shukyo District (03)

This is the religion district in Asuka. Here you can find temples, shrines, and many other religious activities done in open areas. Embassies will also be found here as other towns/cities have different religions.

Property ID Name Type
101 Spruce Neck Embassy Embassy

Address System

The way a plot is given an address is as follows:

XX - District ID
YYY - Property ID

News Service

Asuka has a news service that provides news for the town, the server, and Minecraft. News stories will be uploaded as major events happen. If you would like to submit a news story, talk to Derpy_Melon ingame. We have a news station at 101 Commercial District, Asuka.

Asuka Samurai Force

This is the official army force of Asuka. It provides both military and police actions in Asuka. Instead of cars, tanks, etc. the force uses horses to move around because of the time period of the town. The uniform is a black leather armour with a samurai skull. A building for the samurais will soon be constructed in the commercial district of Asuka.