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Town officials
Mayors Kiwirainbow and Bspells
Deputy mayor Cal76 and Mfish125
Other transit  FLN  FFX  MAS  ATL 
Facts and figures
Population 24
Official Language(s) English
Photo AtlantaSkyline.png

Atlanta is located near G4 on the MRT Green Line. Atlanta's mayors are Kiwirainbow and Bspells, while the deputy mayors are Cal76 and Mfish125. Atlanta has many districts which each have their own feel and character. The districts are Downtown, Midtown, Buckhead, Georgetown, and Five Points. Buckhead is one of the fancier districts in Atlanta, and features mansions, boutique shops, Phipps Plaza, and fancy hotels. Georgetown is known for its brick sidewalks and cobblestone streets, as well as colorful buildings. Downtown is characterized by its urban feel. Midtown has tourism, arts, and many offices. Five Points also has many offices and is a major intersection in Atlanta.


Dave's Doughnuts has a location in Downtown and a location in Georgetown. Georgetown is also home to a BTBaker, Salad World, and Greasy Joes. Steak 'N' Cake is located near the Georgia Dome. Sweet 'N cold also has a location in Buckhead, near Tom's Pizza, BenkGo, and Kiwi Steaks. Kiwi Steaks also has a location in Dunwoody along with MRTDog. Palelmo Clothing has a location in Buckhead Tower and a location in Phipps Plaza.

Transportation Access

Atlanta is a major hub for MetroFairfax. The Flint, Fairfax, Mason, and Atlanta Lines serve Atlanta, with major connection points in Fulton Station and Midtown. Atlanta's heliport is located west of Snowy. Five Points is the intersection of three roads and two highways; MLK Parkway, Riverside Drive, Connecticut Ave, MRT-2, and (IN-3). Atlanta's major commuter rail station is Buckhead Station. Atlanta is served by the Atlanta Metro, as well. The Atlanta metro has the (1), (2), (3), and (S) Trains. Bus service in Atlanta can be accessed by Atlanta Port Authority Bus Terminal.


Macon is located on the other side of MRT-2 from Atlanta, and can be accessed via Embassy Street and Five Points.

Macon Provides agriculture for Atlanta, as well as some more affordable-large homes for Atlanta residents.

The head of Macon is jphgolf4321, and is controlled by the city of Atlanta.

Notable Sights

Major buildings in Atlanta include Chastain Park, The Woodruff Centre of the Arts, Piedmont Park, Phipps Plaza, Buckhead Station, the Georgia Dome, Martin Luther King Jr. Arena, and Five Points heliport.

Theatre in Atlanta

Atlanta has many theaters, mainly located in Midtown. There are currently four theaters, with a fifth one under construction.

Theatre Name Location Current Show and Dates Upcoming Events
The Alliance Theatre Woodruff Arts Centre (Midtown) Minecart Avenue (September 1st-December 18th) Tony Awards (December 31st)
Symphony Theatre Woodruff Arts Centre (Midtown) A Day In Kalmar (July 21st- ) The MRT Film Festival (November 6th)
Baker Street Performing Arts Centre Woodruff Arts Centre (Midtown) Rent: In Concert (September 14th-September 21st) Chicago (September 8th-) MRTvision (TBD)
MLK Performing Arts Centre Spring Street (Midtown) Renovation In Progress MRTvision (TBD)
The Union Theatre The InterContinental Grand Hotel (Dunwoody) Under Construction TBD

Tallest Buildings

MRT Broadcasting System
Built By Kittycat11231
Use Media
Picture MRT Broadcasting System.png
Music3_0 Plaza
Built By Kiwirainbow, Music3_0
Use Mixed Office Space
Picture Music3 0 Plaza.png
Bryce_am Tower
Built By Bryce_am
Use Office Space
Picture Bryce am Tower.png
Atlanta City Hall
Built By Kiwirainbow
Use Government
Picture Atlanta City Hall.png
BaronThamesBank's Building
Built By BaronThamesBank
Use Office
Picture BaronThamesBank Building.png