Atlantis Defense Force

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The Atlantis Defence Force, commonly abbreviated as ADF, is a franchise founded by Tom_Pairs. The headquarters of ADF is located in Atlantis, and there are 4 recruiting stations across the server.

Notable Employees:

  • Founder: Tom_Pairs
  • Civilian Leadership: Mayor: Tom_Pairs
  • Deputy Mayor: King_Patty
  • Military Leadership Fleet Admiral: _MajorMagpie_
  • Commodore of training: MinecraftYoshi26
  • Commodore of Fighter Squadron: Just_robinho
  • Commodore of Intel and Special Ops: Vacant
  • Vice Admiral: Vacant
  • Commodore of Command Facilities: Vacant
  • Chief Petty Officer of the Fleet: Vacant
  • Rear Admin of Services: Vacant