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ATLAS Gas and Convenience
The logo for ATLAS
The first ATLAS station at Treplöw.
CEOs Soleurs
Number of Stores 21
Facts and figures
Headquarters Central City
Founded August 31, 2014
Parent Company Frontier Group

ATLAS Gas and Convenience (or ATLAS for short) is a franchise on the MRT Server created for the uCars plugin as a gas station, founded by Soleurs. Our headquarters are located in the south tower of the Inchmuir Trade Centre at  B19  Inchmuir. The chain is modeled after an American gas chain, primarily in the west, QuikTrip

Mayors of towns or owners of roads can request an ATLAS station by contacting Soleurs or JohnNotTech.


ATLAS was created shortly after the announcement of the addition of the uCars plugin upon the opening of the new world on the MRT on August 31, 2014. The station was designed in one hour and the first station was installed in Treplöw on the 1st of September. Within 24 hours, 17 locations had been installed, making ATLAS the fastest growing franchise on the server ever. ATLAS is located in several different environments, from large metropolises, to small towns, and even a couple out on roads in the middle of nowhere.

Fuel Information

Fuel at ATLAS is sold at default server price (for the sole reason that we cannot sell it at a lower price), at 25¢ per liter. There are 11 gas pumps where you can fuel up your uCar, and it's as easy as simply right clicking a sign.


Old World

City Name Closest MRT Station # of Stations
Ampitheatre  Y19  1
Atlanta  G4  2
Chuno  Y25  1
Crystal City  R11  1
Cyra  R13  1
Centennial  R13  1
Desertice  G6  1
Fairfax  G5  1
Halifax  Y2  1
Inchmuir  B19  1
Ironapple  Y1  1
MineCity  Y20  1
Palmville  Y7  1
Ravenswood  R13  1
Silver Spring  R9 
Spawn City  G16  1
Sprucewood Castle  Y6  1
Talihina  R12  2
Treplöw  B19  1
True City  R9  1

New World

City Name Closest MRT Station # of Stations
Birch Forest City  C114  Birch Forest City 1
Konawa  C110  Konawa 1
Heampstead  M42  Foobar 1

Part of Frontier Group