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Auburn Town Logo.png
Flag of Auburn.png
Flag of Auburn
Deputy MayorModernArt
City recognition
Date foundedJune 2020
Date recognized as Councillor06 May 2021
Date recognized as Mayor28 June 2021
Date recognized as Senator04 February 2022
Date recognized as Governor05 December 2022
Town hall coordinates-9460 15420
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 5
Post code(s)AB5
MRT SW20  Auburn
Road connectionsB67 (future)
Air facilitiesAuburn Airport
Rail facilitiesAuburn Station (FLR)
Water transit facilitiesAuburn Marina
Local transitAuburn Underground
Academy Rapid Transit System
No. of buildings75
Landmark(s)Auburn Academy
MottoAlmum doctrina
Motto in EnglishNurturing learning

Auburn is a Governor town built by Missa_Solemnis. It is located at SW20 and SW21 stations on the MRT Southern Line and is built around Auburn Academy and the academy's faculty housing.

Buildings are restricted to those belonging to the academy, faculty and staff housing, and necessary stores and services. Most of the buildings within the grounds of Auburn Academy, and many adjacent to the academy in the town proper, are constructed primarily out of bricks and smooth sandstone in a gothic style. Other structures draw influences from rural architecture and British design, including London's terraced houses.

Unlike many towns-and-gowns, the town of Auburn derives its name from the academy.


Auburn was founded in June 2020 by Missa_Solemnis to serve as the home of a boarding school. Inspired by Interlochen, Michigan, and American college towns, Auburn is designed to be a quaint, suburban city which exists primarily to support the academy.

The first buildings in the town were constructed on the grounds of what is now Auburn Academy, with the academy's administration building serving as the temporary town hall until June 2021. Academy buildings remained the only structures in the town when Auburn was promoted to Councillor by Skelezomperman and sesese9 in May 2021. The first wave of non-academy construction occurred in May and June 2021, addressing concerns from the Councillor promotion process over an imbalance between the town and the academy. This brought the current town hall, the market across the street from it, the post office, the bank, and the police station. Following this, Auburn was promoted to Mayor in June 2021, once again by Skelezomperman and sesese9.

Attention returned to the academy for a while, but soon, a town library, fire station, and several brick houses sprung up. With this development, Auburn applied for promotion to Senator and was approved unanimously in February 2022. After much progress on the academy, the addition of several Georgian townhouses, and the construction of two parks, Auburn was unanimously approved for promotion to Governor in December 2022. Shortly after, Auburn Airport was constructed using a portion of the town's Governor airport allocation.

More recent construction has focused on bringing the academy to completion, the development of the Observatory, Bascule, Peninsula, and Aviation districts, and construction of transport facilities, including a metro system.


Auburn is located in the southwest portion of the Epsilon region in the New World, with the vast majority of the town in Ward 5. SW21 station and a portion of the adjacent bascule bridge are in Ward 6. Auburn is on the shores of Heart Lake and Lake 12, and is in savannah and plains biomes.

Neighbouring towns include Southbank to the east, Gillmont to the west, and Plainsley to the northeast.


The main landmark in Auburn is Auburn Academy. Within the campus of the academy are several notable structures, including the Auburn Academy Performing Arts Complex, Community Hall, the academy's stadium, and the Academy Administration Building, which formerly served as Auburn's town hall. In the town proper, landmarks include the bascule bridge connecting to SW21 station and the ABN sign at the entrance to Auburn Airport.


Civic Centre

The Civic Centre District is located adjacent to SW20 station and the neighbouring FLR station, with Auburn Academy to its east and south. It contains many town government buildings, including the town hall, post office, library, and police and fire departments. The Civic Centre District is also home to both of Auburn's public parks, Library Park and Delta Park. It was the first non-academy district to be constructed and is essentially complete.


The Observatory District surrounds the plateau that will eventually serve as the location for Auburn Academy's observatory. It is primarily made up of residential developments, including single-family dwellings, London-style terraced houses, and apartments. The Observatory District was the second district to be formally established and borders the Civic Centre District to the east, the Peninsula District to the north, the Bascule District to the west, and the academy to the south.

Auburn Hospital


The Bascule District derives its name from the bascule bridge spanning the strait between SW21 station and the main part of the town. It is intended to be a business district with shops, mixed-use developments, a hotel, and a hospital. As the third district to be established, the Bascule District is the focus of development as of January 2023. The district is located east of the city of Gillmont, north of Auburn Academy, and west of the Observatory District.


The Peninsula District will be another residential district and will also contain the town's ferry connections. The district's name comes from President's Peninsula, which is located in its northwest corner and will serve as the location for the official residence of the Academy's president, President's House. The Peninsula District will also contain Auburn Marina, which will provide docks on Lake 12 for ferry services. It is situated north of the Observatory District.


Auburn Airport

The Aviation District serves as the location for Auburn Airport. It is located to the north of the Civic Centre District and to the east of the Peninsula District. In addition to the airport, the district will contain commercial and mixed use developments along roadways leading to the airport, as well as additional residential structures on side streets.

Auburn Academy

Auburn Academy anchors the town and makes up many of the builds in Auburn. Its grounds are the largest educational development on the server. The academy located to the south and northeast of SW20 station.


Transport within the town is provided primarily through a road system which also provides limited access to the academy's grounds. Auburn also has two distinct and unconnected rapid transit systems. The Auburn Underground is a network of two rapid transit lines serving the town proper while the Academy Rapid Transit System is a people mover exclusively serving the academy's main campus. The two networks do not have any interchanges with one another.

Getting to Auburn

  • By MRT, Auburn is located at SW20 station on the Southern Line.
  • By warp rail, FLR operates Line R1 via Auburn Station which is located just north of SW20 station. BluRail is also planning to serve the city.
  • By plane, Auburn is served by its own airport.
  • By ferry, IntraSail serves the town's marina on the [ 1 ].
  • Missa_Solemnis can teleport players to Auburn when online and not busy.

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