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CEO/Founder autobus22
Number of Design offices 0
Headquarters -
Lab Coordinates 97, 56, -453
Other Information
Founded April 2015
Headquarters Coordinates -
Area of operation Public Transport Vehicles, Minigolf Courses
K1.Custom Hybrid for Appleton
Custom bus for West Calbar

AutoDesignZ started in April 2015 when Autobus Bus Company Bus Builders (ABCBB) and Stanley Air alliance plane manufracturer (SAAPM) merged together. Since then a large variation of new products have been added for lease. AutoDesignZ focusses on transit stock, selling them for unlimited use. AutoDesignZ also offers livery services for both our vehicle and those made by others. AutoDesignZ also offers minigolf courses.

Leasing Agreement

When leasing products from AutoDesignZ you agree to the following lease terms (Last Updated: 24 January 2021):

  • 1.All leases are made to people, not companies or cities. So long the person is part of a company that company can use the vehicles leases through this lease.
  • 2.You are not allowed to lease or sell modified or identical versions of the vehicles leased from AutoDesignZ to others.
  • 3.Structural edits to the vehicles are not permitted (This includes removal of lights, and changing of detailing blocks such as noteblocks, pantographs, dispensers and flower pots for example).
    • 3.1.An exception is in place for the design of the wheels on Buses, Trolleys, Trams, Metros and Trains: It is allowed to replace the default button design with item frames or buttons in item frames.
  • 4.Livery edits to the vehicles are permitted. Livery edits include the interior of a vehicle (if applicable), block edits (except for detailing blocks) without changing the shape of the vehicle or the location of windows and replacing glass with different types of glass (or ice) are seen as livery edits.
    • 4.1.You are not allowed to use leased vehicles without changing their livery if by default they are delivered in RaiLinQ, TramLinQ, BusLinQ, BusLinQ Intercity, AirLinQ or AquaLinQ liveries.
    • 4.2.When leasing AutoDesignZ boats a life vest has to be present on board, but the location of the life vest or what item is displayed as a life vest may be changed freely; so long it's clear it is a life vest.
  • 5.When pasting vehicles for use, all errors resulting from pasting, such as failures to generate slow layers or entities have to be fixed before the vehicle is put into use. This includes lights on any vehicles and for example live vests in boats.
  • 6.You may only operate AutoDesignZ vehicles in routes which physically can be taken by the vehicles. All physical connections between stops do have to have sufficient clearance to fit the vehicle.
    • 6.1.For our ferries, each ferry is categorised as either being Inland Only or Sea Ready. Sea Ready ferries may be operated anywhere rule 6 is met. Inland Only ferries are not allowed to be operated on Seas.
    • 6.1.1.Seas for the definition of rule 6.1 are defined as being the named bodies of water with the numbers 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 10, 20, 23, 39, 46, 47, 49, 52 and 54. See Category:Named bodies of water for a map.
  • 7.Some vehicle leases come with extra items:
    • 7.1.Some vehicles come with charging solutions: Mainly but not necessarily exclusively electric buses.
    • 7.2.Our Foot/Bike Passenger Ferries come with a pontoon. This pontoon is not subject to rule 3 and may be edited freely so long it remains floating and functional as a pontoon. (No direct attachment to land except for one or multiple bridges from the pontoon.)
  • 8.Exceptions to any of the leasing rules above may be granted at the discretion of AutoDesignZ upon request. AutoDesignZ does not guarantee an exception will be granted if requested.
  • 9.Cancellation Clause:
    • 9.1.The customer who has leased an AutoDesignZ vehicle may at any time for any reason cancel their lease. This means the rights to use the vehicle is revoked and existing copies of the vehicle made by the customer have to be removed. Out of courtesy we will usually give a partial refund but we reserve the right to deny a refund in this situation.
    • 9.2.AutoDesignZ may terminate the lease of any vehicles at any time for any reason. This requires the customer to remove any copies of the vehicles leased and to cease using the vehicle. This is usually only done as a last resort in cases of repeated non-compliance with the leasing agreement. If a lease is cancelled unilaterally by AutoDesignZ the customer is entitled to a full refund.
  • 10.Lease Agreement Update Clause:
    • 10.1.We reserve the right to update the terms of lease at any time without warning and existing leases will be subject to the updated lease agreement.
    • 10.2.If a customer does not agree with the updated lease agreement they reserve the right to cancel their lease(s). As an exception to point 9.1 in this agreement, lease cancellations for this purpose guarantee the customer a full refund.
  • 11.SAA plane leases clause:
  • 11.1.SAA members reserve the right to lease any AutoDesignZ air vehicles at no cost, for the duration of their membership at SAA. These leases are void the moment an airline using this lease is no longer a member of SAA for any reason.



MRT Transit Award Winner
Best Rolling Stock Manufacturer - AutoDesignZ
Category winner of 2020 MRT Transit Awards
MRT Transit Award Winner
Best Bus Manufacturer - AutoDesignZ
Category winner of 2020 MRT Transit Awards
Glowlight Award.png
Glowlight Award Winner
Outstanding Transport Manufacturer - AutoDesignZ
Category winner of The Glowlight Awards