Azalea Cruises

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AzaleaSmall.png This company is a proud member of the Azalea Group AzaleaSmall.png
Azalea Cruises
Basic info
CEO STthecat
Founded April 21, 2021
Type Cruise line
Other info
Ships in fleet In service: 1
On order: 5
Cities served 3
Company slogan Choose life, choose Azalea
Headquarters New Singapore (proposed)

Azalea Cruises is a cruise line that operates long-haul cruises in the New World, intending to be one of the four cruise lines to revolutionise the cruise ship industry in the MRT server. It was formed on April 21, 2021, by STthecat, one of two companies not to be part of MineGroup L14, along with LBC.


When STthecat joined the server, he always intended to start a low-cost airline that could compete with FliHigh Airlines and dominate the aviation industry and call it Azalea MRT, the MRT version of his off-server airline Azalea Airlines. However, when he was approached by AirplaneNiner, who convinced him to build cruise ships, he decided to start a cruise line instead on April 21, 2021. The Arctic-class of ships was subsequently announced, named after 6 of 11 initial lines in the New World MRT system.

On April 22nd, it was announced that the Azalea Arctic would begin operations sometime in May 2021, servicing the Dogwood to Wenyanga via Cape Cambridge route. The maiden voyage of the Azalea Arctic was held on May 9, 2021, after being pushed from April 30th and May 3rd.

On May 13, 2021, Azalea Cruises made its first exposition appearance at the Titsensaki Convention Center, allowing passersby to walk in and sign up for a cruise on the spot.

On May 22, Azalea Cruises formed a joint venture with long-time rival Nansei Cruise Lines to form Magic Cruise Line, a cruise line based out of Seoland. It was formed to operate an abandoned cruise ship sitting in Seoland, namely the Magical Holiday. This partnership led to talks between the two cruise lines, and on May 27, NCL, Azalea, and Magic merged to become subsidiaries under the Azalea Group.

On May 26, 2021, due to protests between Wenyanga and Shenghua that spread to most of Azalea Arctic’s destination cities, Azalea Cruises was forced to suspend operations briefly as instructed by the Dogwood city council. However, as the protests gradually relaxed, Azalea resumed operations a few minutes later.

Planning for Azalea Taiga began at the start of June 2021 and the confirmed route was revealed on June 6th. Following the release of Azalea Taiga's confirmed route, Azalea received several accusations, as well as failing to ask for perms.


Azalea Cruises currently has a planned total of 6 ships, all ordered on April 21, 2021. More ships are being proposed, in bigger lengths and sizes.


The Arctic class is a series of large-sized ships built by Azalea Shipbuilding. Not much is known about this class, except it will have several amenities, including several franchises, a cinema and a signature entrance known as the Great Azalea Hall. Azalea Arctic is currently sailing out of Wenyanga, while Azalea Taiga will sail out of Lapis Bay.

Name Entered service Length Width Height Status Image
Azalea Arctic 9 May 2021 101m 19m 39m In service AzaleaCruisesCons1.png
Azalea Taiga Scheduled July 2021 ~110m 19m ~39m Planned
Azalea Plains TBD 2021 ~120m 19m ~39m Planned
Azalea Valley TBD 2022 ~130m 19m ~39m Planned
Azalea Forest TBD 2022 ~140m 19m ~39m Planned
Azalea Island TBD 2022 ~150m 19m ~39m Planned