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Azucar Street is a confectionary franchise created by AlexDaAlbatross, which specialises in the production and selling of sweets. At the time of writing, the franchise has two sites at Jaikrunda and New Cainport, but is open to offers of new sites.


At the present time, there are three variations of the store available: Red Stores, which includes a sweet counter and sweet aisles, and has dimensions of 19 long, 17 wide and 8 high; Yellow Stores, which includes the same facilities as Red Stores, but also has a pick and mix section, and the dimensions are 25 long, 23 wide and 8 high; and Green Stores, which have the same facilities as Yellow Stores, but also includes a small café section selling hot drinks and refreshments, with dimensions of 33 long, 31 wide and 8 high. The current prices are $5 for a Red Store, $10 for a Yellow Store and $15 for a Green Store. It should be noted that these dimensions can be adapted to fit in with constraints in places such as malls, etc.

Current Locations

The current locations of the franchise are as follows:

Store Number City Mayor Store Type
001 Jaikrunda AlexDaAlbatross Green
002 New Cainport AlexDaAlbatross Red
003 Example Example Example
004 Example Example Example
005 Example Example Example
006 Example Example Example
007 Example Example Example
008 Example Example Example
009 Example Example Example
010 Example Example Example

If there are any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me in game (AlexDaAlbatross) or on Discord (AlexDaAlbatross #5011)