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Highway B121.png
Highway B121.png
Planners United Cities Roads Committee
Constructors United Cities Roads Committee
Number of Exits 3
Terminus Northwest B12-shield.png - Hendon
Terminus Southeast Geneva Bay
Road Status Status: Service Good.png Good service

The B121 is a short B-class highway connecting the town of Geneva Bay to the New World Highway System via Hendon.


The road was approved by United Cities (UC) in 2017 to allow Geneva Bay access to the rest of the MRT. We will start this route from Geneva Bay and drive through towards the end point at the B12 in Hendon.

The B121 starts in Geneva Bay at a T-junction with a local road. The local road running along the coast of Geneva Bay and the B121 links directly with it - note by the two boats south of the junction. The road heads uphill towards Hendon & Geneva RaiLinQ/Docklands Transit station and various bus stops are located along the B121 as we drive through. The last local road connects and the B121 is now on its own, passing underneath the station ahead.

After the station, the B121 is now in Hendon City - although the east side of the city has not been developed, owing to the need to keep countryside spaces open for wildlife. Passing the old Hendon & Geneva DLR station (renaming to East Hendon in November 2019), the B121 now passes the Ski Lift and over the B125 Hendon Orbital Motorway's Junction 12. The B122 starts at this junction and more information on the B122 is on its own page. Once passed over the B125, the B121 then begins the descent into Hendon City Centre to then terminate at the B12.

Status Exit number Destinations Road designation Notes
Northwest Terminus: B12-shield.png at Hendon
Dynmap Green Flag.png Hendon B12-shield.png
Dynmap Green Flag.png Hendon Junction Highway B122.png
Dynmap Green Flag.png Geneva Bay
Southeast Terminus: Geneva Bay