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Highway B134.png
Route Statistics
Route Name B134
Length 500 blks
Route Information
Intersections 1
Terminus 1 Brown Road in Mons Pratus
Terminus 2 Highway A101.png near Mons Pratus
Status Status: Service Good.png Good service
Planners Skelezomperman
Builders Skelezomperman
Owners Town of Mons Pratus

B134 is a short road connecting Mons Pratus to Highway A101.png. It was built in July 2016 as a connector. In addition it is also known as the Blue Star Memorial Highway and is designated as such by signs in Mons Pratus.

Route Diagram

End of road, interchange with A1
Interchange with Mons Pratus beltway
Intersection with Grass Avenue
End of roadIntersection with Brown Road