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B431-shield.png - Texas Memorial Highway
Planner sesese9
Constructor sesese9
Helpers camelfantasy, SuperBuilder400, Kel5
Number of Exits 3 (7 total planned)
Terminus North Highway A4.png (Beaufort)
Terminus South Scarborough
Road Status Status: Service Good.png Open

The B431 is a B-Class Road which currently links the A4 to Scarborough, with an extension planned down to Rockham. The A4 to Scarborough section started construction on 28th May 2015, finishing in May 2018, whilst the Rockham Extension started construction during August 2019 and as of yet doesnt have a planned finish date.


The B431 was planned to connect Scarborough to the A4, which is a major road on the server. This section of road was officially opened in May 2018. During the September 2019 GSM, an extension from Scarborough down to Rockham, with 3 planned exits, was approved.


To connect the city of Scarborough to the Highway A4.png


Status Exit number Destinations Road designation Notes
Dynmap Green Flag.png 1 Highway A4.png Beaufort Highway A4.png
Dynmap Green Flag.png 2  P20  Scarborough - New Kent No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png 3 Scarborough No connections
Dynmap Pin.png 4 Border Crossing (planned) No connections
Dynmap Pin.png 5 Stratos (planned) No connections
Dynmap Pin.png 6 Eamington East Railway Station (planned) No connections
Dynmap Pin.png 7 Rockham (planned) No connections