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Highway B44 100x100.png
Route Statistics
Route Name B44
Alternative Names Palestropol City Road
Length 400 Blocks
Direction North-South
Route Information
Intersections 0
Exits 0
Interchanges 0
Terminus 1 Palestropol
Terminus 2 Southport
Status Status: Service Unknown.png Status unknown
Planners Wutev
Builders Wutev
Owners The Superstraßen Company


The  B44  is a B-Class highway in Ward 4. As of November 6th, 2019, it connects Palestropol and the  A4 .

Further Information

The new version of the  B44  is currently under construction. The old version went from the north of Palestropol through to the southern end of Southport. The new B-Class highway begins north of New Beginnings and currently runs until eastern Palestropol. It is planned to serve Southport, Midway Forest and Columbia Beach. Talks have commenced with Aldranster50 to construct a further extension toward Rockham.