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 B59  Venceslo Parkway
Planners time2makemymove
Constructors time2makemymove
Helpers AP_Red, willowars
Timeline June 22, 2017 - Spring 2019
Major Intersections
Terminus North  A5 
. Destin Road
 B54  University Boulevard
Stadium Road
Terminus South  A50  at Quins Avenue
Road Status Status: Service Good.png Open

B59Shield.png Venceslo Parkway is a B-class highway that connects many cities and towns in the Fifth Ward region. Originally simply named Venceslo Parkway, it became designated as B59 Venceslo Parkway after approval from the January 2019 General Staff Meeting. It was planned solely by time2makemymove, and the majority was built by time2, with help from AP_Red on the  A50  interchange, and help from willowars with paving the Venceslo-Itomori corridor.

The road was first built as the main north/south thoroughfare through Venceslo in June 2017. Early in 2018, it was connected to Whiteley and Phoenix Valley. In later 2018, it was connected northward to Itomori, and in January 2019 construction began on expanding further northward to Urbisan and the  A5 .

On April 21, 2019, the road was connected to the Highway A5.png, and thus was fully completed.

Road Information

The B59's south terminus is at the Highway A50.png exit 2, just north of Phoenix Valley at Quins Avenue, which serves both Phoenix Valley and Whiteley. As the road curves. northward, it encounters an intersection between Venceslo's Stadium road. The B59 Venceslo Parkway turns at this point, then enters Venceslo proper and encounters an interchange with Highway A51.png, and then has an at-grade intersection with B54Shield.png University Boulevard in Midtown Venceslo. After that it goes further north to Itomori, and then further north still to Urbisan's Destin Road, before encountering its northern terminus at Highway A5.png.

Cities Served





Phoenix Valley